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4 Foreign Nationals Who Made India Their Home!

4 Foreign Nationals Who Made India Their Home!
The Legendary Army Fighter Who Fooled the Mighty Chinese Army!
Is Pakistan working closely with Congress for Gujarat Elections?

5 interesting facts about the legendary Dilip Kumar!

5 interesting facts about the legendary Dilip Kumar!
Zaira Wasim’s ordeal highlights the condition of women safety in India!

5 cool and lesser known facts about Mumbai

5 cool and lesser known facts about Mumbai


Zaira Wasim’s ordeal highlights the condition of...

  • 19 hours ago

Recently a video shared by Dangal fame Zaira Wasim has gone viral for all the wrong reasons. In the video National Award winner – Zaira – shared her ordeal on

Was PM Modi the prime reason behind the suspension...

  • 3 days ago

It is a known fact that for the Gandhi-Nehru family Congress has eroded each and every leader of yesteryear. This was apparent from the way they did

Dear Congress, how proud this kind of ‘Neech’...

  • 4 days ago

If Bharatiya Janata Party is having Modi-Shah the duo working hard to make the party win in the elections. On the other side, Congress has a trinity sweating it out

Shabana Azmi, after prolonged silence on the Rohit...

  • 5 days ago

Just when I thought the thrust Padmavati row had died down, the dead horse was beaten and revived again – all thanks to Shabana Azmi, the matron of

Why are people still playing politics over Babri...

  • 6 days ago

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Babri Masjid Demolition drive today. 25 years back news channels across India aired that horrifying incident that shook

Does RaGa needs a math teacher?

  • 6 days ago

Rahul Gandhi- is the profound comedian than Kapil Sharma and is always in the headlines for some or the other reason. Remember his 'Aloo ' machine...which will give you

Yeh Hai India

4 Foreign Nationals Who Made India Their Home!

  • 13 hours ago

India is a country that is known for its effervescent charm. Our country has not only charmed many from across the border but also impressed many from foreign shores. In fact, India has managed to

Taj Mahal rated as 2nd best UNESCO site in the...

  • 3 days ago

From whichever angle you look at Taj Mahal, it looks like an eternal beauty constructed on earth. At the time when the sun sets, the sun’s feeble rays kiss the minarets, bathing

This place in Mumbai is declared as one of the...

  • 4 days ago

Mumbai – the city that never sleeps, which never comes to a halt. The local trains bursting at the hem, the constant honking of vehicles and the urgent footsteps of

For the first time ever, Afghan female military...

  • 5 days ago

As women are major contributors to the Indian society, they are capable of accomplishing with utter dedication, determination and hard work. History reveals that Indian

5 Hollywood movies that had scenes filmed in India...

  • 6 days ago

It gives an immense pleasure to watch Bollywood films shot in exotic locations all around the world, like saree draped actresses in Switzerland or a bunch of friends letting pranks loose in Spain,

Ivanka Trump tipped a handsome amount to this...

  • 6 days ago

Ivanka Trump...daughter of United States President has earned the huge respect of the worldwide officials within no time... For her incredible skills in


5 interesting facts about the legendary Dilip...

  • 18 hours ago

Today marks the 95th birthday of the veteran actor – Dilip Kumar. The tragedy king, as he is fondly called, has inspired an entire generation of actors

5 cool and lesser known facts about Mumbai

  • 3 days ago

Mumbai – the city of dreams is among the most profound nerve centers of India, an entertainment and a business capital. It is home to approximately 20.5 million people and is it

5 amazing shocking facts of India that most of the...

  • 5 days ago

India is the most beautiful and amazing country in the world. There are many mind-blowing facts about India which are yet no famous to all the people. India is a

5 Facts you probably didn’t know about the...

  • 6 days ago

Today marks the death anniversary of the revered Dr. B.R Ambedkar also known as the Father of the Indian Constitution.

4 facts you probably didn’t know about Shashi...

  • 7 days ago

The legendary actor Shashi Kapoor bid adieu to the world yesterday losing a prolonged battle with liver cirrhosis. He had been undergoing dialysis treatment since many years. His death marks the end

3 Strange Guinness World Records that India holds!

  • 1 week ago

India is endowed with talents. Therefore, our country has made its presence felt in multiple fields.


Is Sexual Harassment the definition of...

  • 6 days ago

The current season of Big Boss seems to be the worst of the lot. From endless fights, verbal abuses and vulgar antics in front of the camera, this season certainly has

When will be the proper end of the VVIP culture in...

  • 3 weeks ago

There is something humiliating about the idea of VVIP’s, something genetically undemocratic. Our babus, netas are very fond of this kind of treatments – in school,

Watch Now! Bahubali elephant-stunt gone wrong

  • 4 weeks ago

The Bahubali euphoria juts doesn't seem to die down. Despite of being over 4-months old, the movie Bahubali is still fresh in the minds of the movie-franchise fans.

Man ends domestic dispute inside Police Station...

  • 4 weeks ago

We are used to hearing strange things in the world that we live in. We are also accustomed to hearing strange incidents that take place inside police stations. From brawls with policemen to police

Maharashtra MLC loses his temper on this Bollywood...

  • 4 weeks ago

Recently a video has gone viral , published by Times Now, in which a Mumbai MLC can be seen getting in to a verbal spat with none other than Bollywood’s superstar King Khan.

Is this the end of freedom? Bhansali clears rumors...

  • 1 month ago

Finally, after being physically abused, verbally insulted and posters being torn, the director and producer himself, Sanjay Leela Bhansali has decided to speak about the controversy around Padmavati.