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This 12-year-old boy is known as ‘Dustbin Boy’. Know how and why?

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 2, 2017
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We have come across news of Shivansh who has chosen to serve the mother India instead of settling in some well-paid jobs after joining IIT. Here we have another inspiring story of another youngster who’s fighting his share of the battle for India. This little boy holds no gun and wears no uniform for the fights ‘garbage’. Garbage that we carelessly throw everywhere and anywhere.

This 10-year-old from Bran village, Manali subdivision of Kullu studying in standard 8th, is all set to make his village the cleanest and even better to live in. This boy has not only placed dustbins across his villages which consists of 200 families, junctions, roads, and playground but is also inspiring the unenthusiastic public to use it wisely.

Wonder how he arranged the money from, and then here is his version. The young boy with his father’s friends used to collect cooking oil canisters from the village, cut them and then fixed them like dustbins. We both used to encourage everybody to throw all types of garbage into these dustbins and now nobody litters in open.

Harish Negi, his father, an agriculturalist both appreciates and supports Rohan-the 10-year-old in his noble venture. His hard efforts didn’t go fruitless as his panchayat got first prize for cleanliness in the subdivision. Prize money of Rs. 1 lakh, additional 1 lakh has been sanctioned to buy a proper dustbins insufficient figure.

The educated minds of metro cities failed to understand this and break down to the choking polluted air, a young boy brought about a huge revolution and set an example worth following. We should now learn a habit of emptying our teacups, waste material to throw in the dustbin and not on roads.  A story worth inspiring.

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