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5 facts you probably weren’t aware about Fearless Nadia

  • Akshay Rane
  • January 8, 2018
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Today might have been Fearless Nadia’s 110th birthday.  The current generation might not be aware of the name – Fearless Nadia. A name that demanded awe and admiration among the film brigade and fans, alike. Her filmography boasts of over three decades and 30 films.

She was also the biggest starts in the period from 80s – 90s.  Following are few facts on Fearless Nadia you probably weren’t of:

  1. Did her own Stunts

Fearless Nadia was probably the first actress who did her own stunts. She never feared for injuries and did the most unthinkable of stunts on her own, without a stunt double.

  1. Change in Name

On the advice of a fortune-teller, Mary changed her name to Nadia. With her minimal theatre experience, she decided to make her foray into films and was selected immediately post her first-audition.

Nadia mastered cartwheels and stunts which became her signature movie later.

  1. The Epic Hunterwali

Her first Box Office success and her very first Hindi film – Hunterwali went on to earn accolades from the movie-viewing audience. She performed her own stunts without safety harness or health insurance.

  1. Inspiring actors even after decades

Kangana’s character from Rangoon – Julia – was inspired by Fearless Nadia. In her interviews, Kangana claimed that her character was a tribute to the bravery of Fearless Nadia.

  1. Battled Alcoholism

A lesser known fact, Nadia battled alcoholism in her 50s. Apparently Shahid’s character from Rangoon was inspired from her first love.

We salute Fearless Nadia for dominating an industry otherwise ruled by the men. Here’s looking forward to many more fearless women in our country!

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