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16 December: A day to remember and celebrate

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 16, 2017
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Ask this generation of India, the ruling group in our nation, what 16 December or Vijay Diwas is all about and we are sure that you will likely to get a blank response. For many few who know everything or anything at all, a battle was fought and won, Bangladesh was created and that’s the end.

The 1971 India-Pakistan war saw the killing of a well-considered strategy, developed by the dreadful Field Marshal Sam Maneskshaw. The scenery to the situation related to the state politics in Pakistan where the population of Bengali Muslims of East Pakistan were clearly antagonistic to the idea of being defeated by the controlling Punjabi and Mohajir influence. The Pakistan Army’s dynasty of terror on the helpless Bengalis provokes the situation with an initial displacement of a million refugees who shed across the border into India.

The Field Marshal enormously faced the strong clique of Indira Gandhi and gave them a lesson in strategy. The Prime minister Indira Gandhi gave in to the Army Chief’s advice and trusted him to develop the warfighting plans should Pakistan decide to go to war. And, the day arrived; war finally broke out on 3 December 1971. Among the legendary battles of 1971 were Sylhet, Longewala, Naya Chor, Lipa Valley. There are many more brave souls of 1971 whose names need to be folklore and whose achievements must be brought to the knowledge of youths of India. A nation which does not adequately glorify its military heroes is not a nation with enough dignity.

The Indian Armed Forces need to give an example of doing something different on this remarkable day. We can ill-afford to forget the remarkable India-Pakistan War of 1971; it is just too crucial an event in India’s post – 1947 history. We cannot just allow our young souls not to be aware of our modern day history and therefore much attempt is needed to spread the word of India’s military legacy.

Luckily, there is a deep interest in this, but not ample of people to explain and contribute assistance to educational institutions in the area of military history and key culture.



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