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1971 Indo Pak War – RARE VIDEO

In 1971 war India beat Pakistan third time with Iron hand in which a new nation created today we call Bangaladesh. Everyone knows that it was the outcome of great sacrifice by Indian Armed Forces.

We are fighting a war with Pakistan and USA together US helping Pakistan with its Nuclear Arsenal stationed on USS enterprise.  RAKESH KRISHNAN SIMHA wrote in 1971 War: How Russia sank Nixon’s gunboat diplomacy that “USA On December 10, even as Nixon and Kissinger were frothing at the mouth, Indian intelligence intercepted an American message, indicating that the US Seventh Fleet was steaming into the war zone. The Seventh Fleet, which was then stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin, was led by the 75,000 ton nuclear powered aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. The world’s largest warship, it carried more than 70 fighters and bombers. The Seventh Fleet also included the guided missile cruiser USS King, guided missile destroyers USS Decatur, Parsons and Tartar Sam, and a large amphibious assault ship USS Tripoli.”

Still against all odds India win the war.

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  • Siva

    And this is the same country, which we freed, breads terrorists for us..

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