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3 Controversies of Bhai that refuse to die down!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 27, 2017
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Bhai celebrates his 52nd birthday today. Well-wishers and fans will throng Bandra-Galaxy Apartments in hoards to get a glimpse of their favorite demi-God.

Over the years Bhai has achieved super-stardom of mammoth proportions. With his selfless social-service, Salman has proved to be the complete Superstar who has a soft corner for every ailing or needy individual.

However, Bhai has had his own fair share of controversies. Following are few controversies of Bhai that have only increased with time:

  1. Woman-Beater

Salman Khan’s serious long-term relationship with Aishwarya Rai, is common knowledge till now. During one of their infamous lover’s tiff, Salman had apparently physically assaulted Aishwarya Rai and created a ruckus below her building. He had also, reportedly, stormed the sets of Chalte Chalte Hai which resulted in to the ouster of Aishwarya from SRK’s home production.

  1. Tiger Zinda Hai Lekin Black Buck Toh Nahi…

Yes, this is another in famous controversy associated with Bhai that refuses to die down. The court case related to the poaching incident is still fresh in everyone’s minds including the dead black buck’s family. It seems like the truth has died along with the black buck.

  1. Drink and Drive, Hit and Run!
Salman Khan

Another tarnish to Salman’s legacy is the drink and drive incident which left one pavement dweller dead. The case dragged on for years and Bhai conveniently put the blame on his driver, thus resting the case in favour of loyal-drivers. ‘Driver ho toh Bhai ke Driver Jaisa…’

Irrespective of his numerous and endless controversies, we love Bhai for his larger than life persona and acting and dancing skills. Share your birthday greetings for Bhai in the comment section below…


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