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3 Controversies that Defined Women Empowerment in 2017!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 26, 2017
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2017 was the year of the woman. Women all around the world stood up for their rights and made it loud and clear that women are on par with women and will no more be disrespected or suffer silently the mistreatment meted out to them.

Following are 3 controversies that defined women empowerment in 2017:

  1. A lady cop fearlessly stood against a BJP Politician

Women in uniform should never be mistreated. A video belonging to UP which went viral featured a lady cop – DSP Shrestha Thakur – confronted a BJP City President – Mukesh Bharadwaj – for riding a bike without documents, number plate or a helmet. She fearlessly stood her ground and accosted the MP for breaking the law, while surrounded by bystanders.

  1. How Should You Interview a Female Sports-Star

Mithali Raj taught a journalist a lesson which we are sure he will never forget in his lifetime. Mithali was asked who is her favorite male cricketer. Raj took offence to the stereotypical question and immediately counter-questioned the journalist if he ever asks a make cricketer about his favorite female cricketer.

  1. Sending Sanitary Napkins to PM Modi

The revolutionary youth front, consisting of women protestors tried sending a bunch of sanitary napkins to PM Modi. The unique protest was with relation to the 12 percent GST on Sanitary Napkins. The fearless youth revolutionaries were however arrested before they could deliver the package.

Indeed, 2017 was the year of the woman! We, at the Fearless Indian, salute these fearless women who stood for right, irrespective of the circumstances. Share your views in the comment section below right away! Comment now! #BeFearless

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