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3 lessons we as a country should learn from the Aarushi Talwar murder-case

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 17, 2017
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The Aarushi Talwar murder case, safe to say, has finally come to an end. An unending trial that lasted over 9 years which took several twists and turns, thankfully has commenced with the acquittal of the Talwars. By the end of it all, we are still not sure who was the actual culprit. A dead end is what the verdict turned out to be and rightfully so, Aarushi’s parents were acquitted owing to the shoddy investigation that was carried out.

So, what have we learnt from one of India’s most high-profile cases that gripped the nation?
Here are 3 key-takeaways from the Aarushi Talwar murder case and the investigation and trial that followed:

  1. Trial By Media & The Public Must End

Post the Nanavati case, this must be one of the first cases that had a public trial conducted by the media. Since the word go, the media went crazy over the murder, the way kids do in a candy shop. The media in their coverage, while trampling all over the murder scene, gave their own verdict.

Similarly, the public made up their mind and declared the parents guilty from the word go. The public, based on their own assumptions, started cooking up their own stories. An alleged case of honor killing and sexual abuse by Aarushi’s own father – Rajesh Talwar – were some of the many allegations that were leveled against the Talwars, even before the court could pass a verdict.

This goes to show that one must never trust in rumours and should believe them at ones’ own risk.

  1. Shoddy Investigations Must End

The Delhi Police committed a series of embarrassing goof-ups during the entire course of the investigation. Some of these were chronicled in the movie – Talwar. Right from the police to the first CBI team, everyone went ahead with the case with a pre-conceived notion. If anything, there should be a strict penalty for shoddy investigations to ensure no investigation official or local police take any case lightly.

  1. We should Stop Being a Nation of Voyeurs

 The Aarushi murder case exposed our voyeuristic mentality. We enjoyed the murky details of the case complete with the sensational rumours, twists and turns. No wonder, Big Boss remains India’s highest-rated reality show, given the voyeuristic nature of the show.

The eventual verdict is an eye-opener for us, a nation filled with voyeurs.

If there’s anything that we have learnt from the Aarushi murder trial then it is that, we need to be  less voyeuristic and patient and let the court and the police do their job rather than playing the role of judges ourselves.


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