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3 times in 2017 when citizens joined hands and achieved the amazing

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 22, 2017

As we are at the end of the beautiful journey of 2017, it would not be too far off the mark to say that it has been quite wonderful for India on the whole. From pathbreaking technology innovations to the passing of landmark judgments, assuring greater space frontiers to outstanding reforms by civil servants, 2017 has been a magnificent year which will go down in history for several milestones and achievements in different fields made by the people of this nation.

Between all the major and limelight-grabbing achievements, instances of common man joining hands to save someone’s life or help them to find their way back home, barely ever make it to the newsfeed or receive any acknowledgement. In gratitude of these infamous factions of unsung heroes, we have shortlisted some of the instances of when a town or village or an entire state in India showcased rare unity and selflessness through their actions and made us rely on the power of unity.

  • When commuters on a train helped a pregnant woman safely deliver a baby on board: A 22-year-old Sultana Khatun realised that she might have to deliver her baby right here in the train itself, her spouse soughed help from their fellow passengers who immediately showed up to help. Among the commuters was an RPF personnel, who pulled the chain and the train halted at Dadar and alerted doctors in the emergency room. Thanks to the commuters, the couple was transported by the constable from the station to a hospital with a healthy new-born baby girl.
  • When an entire state joined hands to save a baby’s life: Earlier, in November, an ambulance managed to cover approximately 508km between Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram in an unimaginable time span of 6.5 hours to shift a month-old toddler in critical condition, thanks to the collective effort of many people in Kerala. Through a mind-boggling act of solidarity showcased by people heedless of their gender, caste, or religion, they made sure that the ambulance did not come across any form of hurdle or blockage throughout the journey at any point.
  • When a community of transgender came together to provide relief during floods: Approximately 40 members from the transgender community in Kolkata, North Dinajpur and Malda came together and collected food, clothes, water purifying tablets and distributed them among the victims who are stuck in the affected areas in West Bengal during the floods.


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