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3 Unknown & Strange Places of India

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 2, 2017
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India is a country endowed with beautiful scenic locales. From snow-clad peaks to brimming rivers, India has it all. However, did you know that India is also blessed with unique places that are strange?

Here are 3 unusual and strange places of India you probably haven’t heard about:

  1. Mass Bird Suicides in Assam!

Yes, this though sounds terrifying, is true! Every night, over hundreds of birds fly towards buildings and crash to death. As per experts, the birds are attracted towards light and get themselves killed due to the confusion. However, this was proved to be false and hence this phenomenon remains a puzzle, till date!

  1. Skeletons in Roopkund Lake

If you ever been to trekking at Roopkund, chances are you have experienced your nightmare in person.
Roopkund is famous for lush-green or snow clad peaks, as per the season, but is also renowned for its skeleton-lake. As per historical records, the mass grave belongs to a travelling Kingdom who died as a result of hailstorm. Irrespective of the reason for this phenomenon, the Roopkund skeleton lake can scare the living daylights out of anyone for sure!

  1. Temple of Rats in Rajasthan

This is quite easily one of the most popular temples in India, known for the bizarre. The temple located in Deshnoke is home to over 20,000 rats that are worshiped and revered here. Offerings nibbled by the rats is considered immensely holy. A task of popular TV show, MTV Roadies, was also shot here in which the contestants had to spend a pre-decided duration of time sleeping on the temple-floor covered by rats.

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