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4 Foreign Nationals Who Made India Their Home!

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 11, 2017
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India is a country that is known for its effervescent charm. Our country has not only charmed many from across the border but also impressed many from foreign shores. In fact, India has managed to attract many foreign nationals over the years.

Following are few foreign nationals that fell in love with India so much that they decided to spend the best phase of their lives in India.

Bob Christo

The famous actor played memorable roles as a negative character and few side roles in Bollywood for many years. He worked as a civil engineer and visited India for his professional duties but stayed back forever as his chance encounter with Parveen Babi enamoured him so much that he decided to take it up as a permanent professional choice.


The author of Shantaram – Gregory David Roberts – spent almost 12 years of his life in India which also included a stint as a doctor in Dharavi – One of Asia’s Largest Slums. His love for Mumbai city compelled him to take up several odd-jobs to sustain in the city of lights. One can go to the extent of saying that no other writer has presented India so beautifully in the modern reality-era.

Annie Besant

An active part of the Free-India movement, Annie Besant was a staunch supporter of women’s rights and Indian self-rule. She was also the serving President of the Indian National Congress in 1917. Annie Besant immensely loved India and the Indians and had considered herself an integral part of our country.

Tom Alter

The Late Tom Alter, who passed away this year, was an Anglo-Indian by origin. The legendary Rajesh Khanna inspired Tom to be an actor and soon Tom, son to Missionary Parents, chose to pursue theatre and Television as a professional actor. Tom has time and again claimed that he is an Indian for life!

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