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4 landmark judgments that described India in 2017

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 21, 2017
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Our Indian society is consistently in a state of constant change. An amendment is important to keep up with the rapidity of changing circumstances and the mindset of people. Laws and rule become antiquated and often irrelevant in the face if an ever-evolving society. As we have now come to an end of the year 2017, let’s throw some light at four landmark judgements of this year that have given us reasons to be cheerful.

  • Right to privacy as a fundamental right: On 24 August 2017, the honourable Supreme Court declared that the right to privacy is a fundamental right as preserved in the Constitution of India. A bench of nine judges ruled that the right to privacy is part of Article 21. The amazing ruling is an eventual petition challenging the constitutional validity of the Aadhaar scheme. This rule requests the authorities to develop a mechanism to protect data to safeguard the privacy of every person.
  • Instant Triple Talaq overruled: In conformity with the Islamic scripture, the word ‘Talaq’ has to be performed thrice over a period of three menstrual cycles each. The SC declared the Muslim law practice of “Teen Talaq”, or one-sided divorce, to be unconstitutional, striking it down by a 3:2 majority. It supported the petitioners in this landmark case, observing instant ‘Teen Talaq’ as unconstitutional, defamatory and discriminatory for women.
  • No need to stand up for the National Anthem played prior to movies in a theatre: In an era where terms like “nationalism” and “patriotism” have become adaptable and thrown around in consonance with political propaganda, this bid for reviewing the foundations of the understanding of such concepts has close to necessary. The court said that “Desirability is one thing but making it compulsory is another. People cannot be forced to carry patriotism on their shoulders or sleeves and the court cannot instil patriotism among people through its order”.
  • Death penalty for all held in Nirbhaya case: It was indeed a long wait for justice in the heinous crime which shocked the nation. The court held that the cruel and barbaric nature of the crime deserves the harsh punishment. This judgement received a huge appreciation from the nation and determined the way for strict punishments.

Even as some of us are divided on the fairness of these astounding judgements, here’s appreciating the Indian Judiciary for the intention with which they handled such kind of matters. Also, for bringing back our lost faith in Indian Judiciary.

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