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4 reasons why the Ban on the Sale of Fireworks in Delhi, Doesn’t Make Sense

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 12, 2017
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We all have had extreme reactions regarding the Supreme Court Ban on the Sale of Fireworks in New Delhi. Some celebrities such as Yuvraj Singh welcomed the decision while many criticized the Honourable Supreme Court for its selective justice and hypocrisy.

Yes, pollution levels are at an all-time high in Delhi. Yes, fireworks are burnt on a large scale during Diwali. But, will not burning fireworks for 3 days make any change in the current scenario in Delhi?

Here are 4 reasons why the Supreme Court Ban on Sale of Fireworks doesn’t make sense at all:

Selective Justice

There are several festivals celebrated across India which go a little overboard when it comes to celebrations. Without naming any, it is quite evident that the Supreme Court and the lower courts, including NGOs have conveniently chose to ignore festivals belonging to other religions. For instance, can we possibly imagine New Year’s celebrations without fireworks?

The ban on the sale of fireworks that will be lifted post Diwali has indeed highlighted the double standards of the society that we live in!

Is Ban on Fireworks Going to Resolve Everything?

Ban on the sale of fireworks for a few days is not going to solve Delhi’s mammoth Pollution crisis. Delhi has been termed as the one of the most polluted cities in the world. Surely, fireworks haven’t brought this upon Delhi alone.

There are many other contributors that have added to the rise in level of pollutants in India’s capital. Air conditioners, Unending number of cars, factories, et al. have all contributed to the rising level of pollution in the Capital.

Incomplete Festivities 

Come on, secular or not, you have to admit that Diwali is synonymous with fireworks. We all grew up by bursting firecrackers without restrictions. What is Diwali without little fireworks? Like Chetan Bhagat rightly said, regulate but don’t ban! We can surely limit the number of fireworks that can be sold in Delhi. Just the way lanterns add to the festivities, Diwali is incomplete without fireworks.

What about the poor traders?

How can shops and traders who depend solely on the sale of fireworks sustain without their biggest breadwinner i.e. Diwali? I am sure traders have been waiting since months for this festive season. Diwali, I am sure, must be their biggest sale. Is the honourable Supreme Court going to reimburse these traders for the loss of sale?

We would love to hear your views on the fireworks ban in the comments section below. Spread the word!

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