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4 shocking secrets of Indira Gandhi

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 31, 2017
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Today is the 33rd Death anniversary of the late Indira Gandhi – India’s former and most controversial Prime Minister. From reports praising her Iron rule to newspaper articles chronicling her widely debated decision of emergency, everyone has polarizing views and opinions about her.

Here are 4 shocking facts of Indira Gandhi, you probably weren’t aware of…

  1. Change of Name

Indira Gandhi’s official name post her marriage to Feroze Khan was Maimuna Begum. The secret marriage was held in London. Fearing political pressure, Nehru ordered Feroze to change his surname to Gandhi.

  1. String of Affairs

Yes, this is her own personal life but nevertheless a hidden secret. Indira Gandhi had many affairs. Most of her affairs were with her teachers who taught her various subjects, in various stages of her life. She also had an affair with Jawaharlal Nehru’s secretary – M.O Mathai!

  1. Expelled for Poor Performance

Not many are aware that Indira Gandhi was expelled from the prestigious Oxford University owing to her poor academic performance. She was later admitted to the respected ShantiNiketan University where she didn’t fare well either.

  1. Son Caught in Car Theft

Her son Sanjay Gandhi – the man behind forced sterilization of men – was caught in a car theft in the UK. He was saved from arrest after using political powers and getting his name changed to Sanjay Gandhi.

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