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4 things we learnt from the Dalit Violence!

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 2, 2018
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There couldn’t have been a worse start to the New Year than this. A day marred with violence in one of India’s most cosmopolitan cities. What started off as a celebration soon turned in to chaos as the Dalits faced backlash from Hindu outfits for their rather strange choice of celebration.

The Dalits were apparently celebrating the hard-fought victory they earned along with the British against the mighty Marathas. Obviously, this didn’t go down to well with any of the other factions of Maharashtra. The ensuing violence resulted in to the death of one youth. The protests soon snowballed and its effects were felt in Mumbai.

Here are 4 things we have learnt from the Dalit violence:

  1. Youth without Direction

The celebration at Pune and the protests in Mumbai saw the participation and active involvement of hundreds of youths. This only goes to reinstate the fact that Dalit youth in our country remains unemployed and without a direction. Hence, the inclination towards aggressive politics and misplaced priorities. It’s about time that the youth, especially Dalit youth is given a proper direction in life.

  1. Mob Violence Continues to remain Mainstream

Yes, mob violence continues to remain a popular choice among protestors. Both, in Pune as well as Mumbai, protestors resorted to destroying public property. As a precautionary measure, several shops remained shut, across Mumbai. It’s 2018 and it seems like mob violence is certainly here to stay!

  1. Indians can never forget the Past

The reason behind for celebrating a 200-year old victory is certainly strange. Dalits observe January 1 as Vijay Diwas as the English battalion with Dalit co-operation emerged victorious against the Peshwas.  The conclusion being, we Indians can never let go of the past and can use it to our advantage, as per our convenience.

  1. Maharashtra a Progressive State only on Paper

Maharashtra may be termed as the most cosmopolitan state of India. However, that seems far from the truth as Maharashtra and its leaders still follow the age-old formula of casteist politics and violence. Thankfully, the working class doesn’t seem so affected from the entire chaos.

Will the younger population learn from the mistakes of their forefathers and fathers and put an end to casteist politics? It is to be seen if the future learns from the past.

For now, share your views in the comment section below right away! #BeFearless


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