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4 things we would love to see in 2018

  • Akshay Rane
  • January 4, 2018
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It’s been just 4 days since 2018 and we have already started pinning our hopes on 2019. What was supposed to be a new year with new changes has suddenly become a year marred with casteist-violence and deaths of our brave soldiers.

Nonetheless we are hoping that the remainder of the year turns out to be a positive one filled with amazing news. We bring you 4 things we would love to see in the current year:

  1. Acche Din!

This is one thing we have desperately been waiting for since BJP came to power in our country. The promised Acche Din seem nowhere on the horizon and we are worried if ‘Acche Din’ was just a slogan and a myth like the Lochness monster. We do hope ‘Acche Din’ come soon and bowl us all over with bundles of happiness.

  1. Bhai’s Wedding / Arrest, whichever comes first

Now, this is one event the entire nation has been waiting for. For long, we have heard rumours of Bhai’s wedding and impending arrest. While his fans are desperately waiting to welcome their Bhabhi, Salman’s detractors and commoners are waiting for their faith in the justice system realized soon.

  1. End of Meaningless Protests

Aren’t we tried already of meaningless protests. First there was a huge hue and cry over a movie’s release and quite recently people came to blows over a 200-year old war. Don’t you all feel, it is time that we put an end to caste-based violence and mob-fury for once and for all.

  1. A Strong Opposition

Aren’t we tired of a weak opposition in the Parliament which does nothing but obstruct proceedings? We need an able Opposition which believes in constructive criticism. Will Congress undergo a transformation under Rahul Gandhi’s able leadership or will AAP’s Kejriwal changes his approach towards politics?

Share your views in the comments section below on the positive changes you would love to see in our country in the year 2018.

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