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5 Amazing Guinness World Records that Indians Hold

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 5, 2017
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India has come a long way. From being known as the land of snake charmers, to being a force to reckon with, in various verticals; India today is regarded as one among the best!

India and Indians have also made their presence felt in the Guinness Book of World Records. Following are some incredible, hard-to-believe esteemed records held by Indians.

  1. World’s Longest Turban

As bizarre as it sounds, the world’s longest Turban holder resides in India. Avtar Singh Mauni’s record breaking turban weighs around 100 pounds and runs as long as 645 meters.

We are sure he takes a lot of time to get ready, every morning.

  1. World’s Shortest Woman

Jyoti Amge holds the record for being the world’s shortest woman measuring only 2 feet. Amge was also a participant in Big Boss season 6 and also featured in the fourth season of USA’s popular horror TV series –
American Horror Story!

  1. Mucche Ho Toh Ram Singh Chauhan Jaisi

Ram Singh Chauhan holds the record of the world’s largest moustache measuring 14 feet long. He has been growing it for over 30 years now. We are sure even Ranveeer Singh – who rocked the moustache look in Bajirao – can’t beat this moustache – feat.

  1. World’s Biggest Chapatti

This is one Chapatti, we bet even you can’t finish! The world’s biggest chappati, weighing around 63.99 kg was prepared by the Shree Jalaram Mandir Jirnodhar Samitee in Jamnagar, India.

  1. Just, Hug it out

Jayasimha Ravirla believes in the concept of free hugs a lot or how else could you explain the desire to hold the record for the maximum number of hugs given in an hour. Believe it or not, he hugged 2,436 people in Andhra Pradesh.

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