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5 less known billionaires and millionaires of India

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • November 29, 2017
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Uday Kotak: A young mind living in a joint family comprising of around 60 people had an option of joining the family business of cotton trade. But, he chooses to borrow money from his friends and family to put into his dream which he believed. With the net amount of 30 lakhs, he started his venture on his own and today his finance company is a commercial bank which is known as ‘Kotak Mahindra Bank’.

T.S Kalyanaraman: At the age of 12, he helped his father in their Textile business. In 1993 he started his first shop and named it ‘Kalyan Jewelers’ by investing 75 lakhs. Kalyanaraman, 67-year-old with $1.1 Billion is the 87th richest man in India. Today, Kalyan Jewelers is a well-known brand and also it is the largest jewellery chain in India with 58 showrooms across India.  He sets a perfect example of success from owning a shop to being a millionaire.

Vikas Oberoi: He is the proud owner of ‘Oberoi Reality’ who initially started from being the most underrated name in real estate to a billionaire. He rooted his father Oberoi Construction only to expand and turn it into something as huge as Oberoi Realty.

Sameer Gehlaut: His journey started as a young entrepreneur and now he is the youngest Indian billionaire according to the Forbes magazine. At the age of 26, Sameer started Indiabulls, after achieving a stock brokerage firm. His office had only a tin roof and two computers. In 2008, 8 years later, Indiabulls became one among the leading financial services firm and Gehlaut with $1.2 billion became the youngest Indian billionaire at the age of 34.


Lakshman Das Mittal: In 1962, Lakshman gave up a career in insurance and started making wheat thresher with the help of blacksmiths in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. Today, he is the proud owner and chairperson of the 3000 crores worth Sonalika group which also considered the 3rd largest tractor maker in India.

These top richest billionaires in India have been ranked by Forbes every year.

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