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5 Strange Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Hugh Hefner

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 28, 2017
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The world bid farewell to billionaire founder of Playboy magazine and Playboy Clubs, today. We are unsure if Hugh Hefner can be termed as an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, but we are certain that he did build a fortune and envious lifestyle for himself, without doubt.

From his bizarre sex stories to his multiple marriages; there are many weird stories that did the rounds about the Playboy Moghul.

We bet there are many untold stories about Hugh Hefner you are still not aware of. Some of these weird stories are as follows:

  1. Number 1 Pepsi Fan & Consumer

Hefner drank as many as 36 bottles of Pepsi in a day.

  1. Partial Paralysis

In 1985, Hefner suffered a stroke that left him temporarily paralyzed and unable to speak. He gradually recovered from it.

  1. First-ever picture

Hugh Hefner founded Playboy with the naked image of Marilyn Monroe after taking loan from family & friends. It became the most talked about magazine back in the year 1953.

  1. Special Discounted Rates for Priests

Hugh Hefner started distributing Playboy magazine to Priests and Church Officials at special discounted rates to facilitate debate with those who criticized the content of his magazine.

  1. The First Playboy Magazine

The first-ever playboy magazine was started in the year 1953 without a publication date as Hefner was unsure the magazine would sell enough copies to warrant a second edition.

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