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6 bans from around the world that are completely bizarre

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 6, 2018
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Recently, ban on display of non-vegetarian food because it hurts people’s sentiments got us engrossed….how on this planet can someone come up with such ridiculous bans, right? Well, to your surprise, when we examined some laws from around the globe, we found that we are all surrounded by some crazy bunch of bans, and not just in our country. Here are 6 insane bans around the globe which will make you say…Whhaatt??

Ketchup ban in French schools: The cafeterias in France school banned ketchup because the authorities felt that the teenagers were consuming excess ketchup, which was somehow affecting the originality of their traditional food. Imagine the kids there having the sandwich, fried without the ketchup.

Chewing gum in Singapore: In 2004, Singapore put a ban on chewing gum imports. People can’t buy or sell chewing gum in the country and in case if you are caught doing so or spitting the gum on the streets, you will have to pay a heavy fine of $500 (approximately 31,000 according to Indian currency).

Video games in Greece: In 2002, the government in Greece put a ban on video across the nation. The main intention behind this ban was to stop illegal betting which accidentally led to a ban on video games. So, if you thought of playing a video game even on your personal computer at home, you might end up in jail.

Naming a child in Denmark: Now this one is just naïve. Denmark enforced rules on how parents could name their newborn babies to keep the countries’ children safe from odd names. You have to select a name from a list of 24,000 names. In case, you are eager to name a child on your own, you have to seek permission from government authorities.

Yellow T-shirts in Malaysia: Remember the nursery rhymes we have recited in our school days? ‘Yellow, yellow, dirty fellow’…. It seems that the Malaysia government have taken this nursery rhyme seriously. In Malaysia, yellow is considered as ‘the color of protestors’, and so they decided to ban yellow clothing because a particular group of opposition activists was using the same color to protest against the government.

Kinder Joy In USA: The primary reason behind this ban was that the government was anxious about the choking hazard that could be posed by a non-food product elements, such as the tiny toy that comes in the case.


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