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7 Amazing winter delicacies from India you shouldn’t miss them

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • December 21, 2017
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The most alluring season, Winter is here and pampering your cravings to add a little warmth to the daily routine is completely acceptable. Crunch snacks with hot ‘chai’, these snacks and dishes from several parts of India are just perfect to munch on! Just give the calorie-counter a miss and get ready to taste these delicacies

Jalebi: The sweet delicacy is a beloved pick off each one of us who has a sweet tooth, and even those who don’t. Jalebis are at times coupled with milk in Punjab and Delhi, but in other places of India, such as Udaipur and Indore, they are served hot with poha. Hot Jalebis that are especially thin and crunchy to bite into.

Daulat ki Chaat: It is also known as malai makhan, this a famous dish especially during winter months of October to February in Delhi. If you are ever stepping towards this city than just step into the tiny lanes of Chandni Chowk then you are honour bound to pamper in this light and bubbly mixture made from mixing milk and cream.

Nihari: It is a traditional beef soup curry; however it can also be cooked with mutton or chicken. Cooked overnight and eaten up as a breakfast dish across several areas in Lucknow. It is usually consumed with soft and hot puris.  As the dish is prepared by overnight cooking, the resultant meat is soft and intensely flavourful and the perfect fit for crisp winter mornings.

Gajar ka Halwa: Stuffed with enormous flavour, and homemade love, gajar ka halwa is a winter essential. From searching hidden cashew nuts to cleaning the bowl for the last bite, winters in India are just incomplete without this yummy dish.

Gond Ka Ladoo: A plate full of sweet ladoos prepared by adoring grandma is what comfort food is all about. This season bring out many several varieties, which include gond ka ladoo which is unique to Rajasthani cuisine. Prepared out of edible gum, resins, a huge amount of ghee, it might be very heavy to consume especially for those who are on diet but every bite seems worth the extra mile on the treadmill.

Rogan Josh: The signature dish of Kashmiri delicacy is a must have in this season. The spices which are used to cook this delicious meal also offer the much-required warmth in cold winters.

Badam ka halwa: Every one of us knows that winters mean pocket full of dry fruits, nuts which have to be finished before returning to home. Presence of pure ghee and saffron to the mixture makes this dish a favourite dessert to be consumed after dinner, or even as dinner as per your like.

So which dish do you want to have first?



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