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A Soldier is Always A Soldier -Nation First

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • February 18, 2019
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As I Pen down my thoughts for another write-up of mine, this time I am Numb, in Melancholic mood, hands shivering to write about this dastardly attack on our brave warriors Terrorists sheltered by Enemy & Rogue Nation across the valley, Pakistan. While I Sip my favorite specially brewed filter Cuppa Coffee, to have better focus & concentration, to bring out certain facts in the limelight, before I go into the details, I would like to quote- Swami Vivekananda’s Words

“For a Warrior, nothing is higher than a war against evil. The Warrior confronted with such a war should be pleased, Arjuna, for it comes as an open gate to heaven. But if you do not participate in this battle against evil, you will incur sin, violating your Dharma & your honor.

Let me Give you all A Detailed analysis of Pulwama Attack—2019

Let me take you all back to the year 2015, where Pakistan -based militants in Kashmir increasingly took to high-profile suicide attacks against the Indian Security forces. In July 2015, three gunmen, attacked a bus & Police station in Gurdaspur. Early in 2016, four to six gunmen attacked the Pathankot Air Force Station. In February & June 2016, four assailants attacked an Indian Army Brigade headquarters in Uri Killing 19 Soldiers. On 31st December 2017, the Commando Training Centre at Lethpora was also attacked by militants killing five security Personnel. These attacks took place in the vicinity of the Jammu Srinagar National Highway. On 14th February 2019, A convoy of 78 vehicles which was transporting more than 2500 CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) personnel from Jammu to Srinagar was traveling on National Highway -44. The Convoy had left Jammu around 3.30 IST, & was carrying a large number of Personnel due to the highway having been shut down for two days prior. The Convoy was scheduled to reach the destination before sunset.

At Lethpora near Awantipora, around 15:15 IST, a carrying security Personnel was rammed by a Mahindra Scorpio SUV carrying explosives. It caused a blast which killed at least 46 CRPF Personnel of the 76th Battalion & injured many others. The injured were moved to the army base hospital in Srinagar. Pakistan based Militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed the responsibility for the attack. They also released a video of the assailant Adil Ahmad Dar alias Adil Ahmad Gaadi Takranewala alias Waqas Commando, a 22-year old high school dropout from Kakapora who had joined the group a year ago. Pakistan denied any involvement & Jaish-e-Mohammed leader, Masood Azhar, roams free in that country. A deadliest terror attack on state security Personnel since 1989.

Pulwama Attack a Heinous attack, & most importantly a cowardly act. India used strong words to ask Pakistan to stop supporting terrorists & called upon all other countries to place Masood Azhar, in the UN Security Council’s counter-terrorism Sanctions list. China has consistently stopped Azhar from being banned, a part of its relationship with Pakistan. Not to disturb the fragile peace with China after the Wuhan Summit, India didn’t push Azhar case in UN at all in 2018. This was taken to mean that contentious issues like Masood Azhar was not flagged by India in the UN. In its statement, MEA said, the Terror attack was “perpetrated by Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistan-based & supported terrorist organization proscribed by the United Nations & other Countries. This Terror group is led by the International terrorist Masood Azhar, who has been given full freedom by the Government of Pakistan to operate & expand his terror Infrastructure under the control of Pakistan, & to carry out the attacks in India & elsewhere with impunity”. India made its stand very clear voicing against Azhar & seeking International Support, India said “We reiterate our appeal to all members of the International community to support the proposal to list Terrorists, including JeM, chief Masood Azhar, as a designated Terrorist under the 1267 Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council & to ban terrorist organisations operating from territories controlled by Pakistan.” This was taken to mean that contentious issues like Masood Azhar was not flagged by India in the UN. The general Policy before Wuhan was that India or the US or UK would raise the Azhar issue in the 1267 committee as a way to keep the pressure on China & to expose its support to a Terror leader. But in 2018, India eased that Pressure. February 14th dastardly Attack, has resurrected the Possibility of taking Azhar case back to the UNSC. This could be one of the first responses by the Modi Government. Not only Masood Azhar, his brother, Abdul Rauf Asghar has also been proscribed by the 1267 Committee, but Azhar remains out of its Ambit.

Kill the Cause Instead of Symptoms—

This is most important we need to attack & finish Pakistan Army. Need to Reduce Pakistan Army, inside the Soil of Pakistan, every Attack waged by Pakistan Army should have been nipped at the bud stage itself. As we are nearing Lok Sabha Election, Intelligence has lapsed, & such Callousness has happened, at every stage of Strategization, we ought to be alert of Jaichands inside every system, No Complacency. Our Brave Warriors have sacrificed their Lives for the sake of our Nation. Certain questions, why China is Blocking the ban of Jaish-e-Mohammed, & Maulana Masood Azhar? Why China doesn’t consider having any Consensus on Maulana Masood Azhar?? At UN. China duly blocked the Ban on Masood Azhar thrice-From 2016-18. As far as India is Considered, Nation is outraged at this Heinous act by Terror Forces across the Valley by Enemy Nation, Pakistan. India starts efforts to isolate Pakistan after Pulwama attack, Foreign Secretary meets envoys of 25 Nations. The Meeting was part of the Government’s Diplomatic outreach to work towards, what has been described by the Government as “Complete Isolation”, of Pakistan. Arun Jaitley also announced that the Government also take all Possible Diplomatic steps to ensure the complete isolation of Pakistan from International community”. The Minister also stated the fact that there is incontrovertible evidence of Pakistan having a direct hand in this gruesome terrorist incident.

As a Very First step, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, announced after meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security that India is withdrawing the MOST FAVORED NATION (MFN), trade status given to Pakistan. Sources also states that Foreign Secretary Gokhale, has met envoys of the Five Permanent Members of the United Nations Security Council(P5)—US, China Russia, UK, & France, as well as other important Countries in Europe & Asia. Hours earlier, he had summoned Pakistan’s High Commissioner to demand that Islamabad take “Verifiable”, action against terror groups. India’s High Commissioner in Pakistan Ajay Bisaria has also been called to Delhi for Consultations. In the first reaction after a car bomb killed CRPF jawans in South Kashmir, India had on 15th February, reminded the International Community about efforts to ban Terror groups operating from territories controlled by Pakistan. It also alluded to the fact that how an attempt to designate Jaish-e-Mohammed Chief Masood Azhar as International Terrorist is still pending. China, a VETO- wielding member of the UNSC & a very close ally of Pakistan, has reportedly foiled India’s bid to list Azhar as a Global Terrorist, saying there is no consensus arrived in the top organ of the world body on the above issue.

There was a Global Condemnation over this inhuman & over the heinous attack by Pakistan-based JeM in J&K that has claimed the life over 40 Paramilitary troopers & left many injured. The US President Donald Trump has asked Pakistan to “end immediately” the support to all terrorist groups operating on its soil. “The US calls on Pakistan to end immediately the support & safe haven provided to all terrorist groups operating on its soil, whose only goal is to sow Chaos, Violence, & Terror in the region. This attack only strengthens our resolve to bolster counter- terrorism co-operation & Co-ordination between the US & India,” Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said in a Statement.  Stressing the fact Moscow’s” readiness for Further Strengthening counter- terrorist co-operation with Indian Partners”, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a Message to PM Narendra Modi has strongly condemned the” brutal crime”, & said that the Perpetrators &sponsors of the attack, undoubtedly should be duly punished”. Chinese State Councilor & Foreign Minister Wang Yi has written to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj Condemning the Pulwama Attack, expressing deep sympathy to families of the victims & injured, & stressed that the Chinese side resolutely opposes & strongly condemns all forms of Terrorism.

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland said her Country, “remains steadfast in its support of the Global fight against terrorism”, reaffirming a resolve to prevent radicalization & defeat terrorism in all its forms”. Both Indonesia & Australia too have expressed their condemnation about the Attack. The European Union, in a Statement said that “as a Strategic partner of India, the EU reaffirms its full solidarity at such a difficult moment”. Even Saudi Arabia also denounced the “Cowardly attack & said it stands with India against terrorism & extremism. Its also Pertinent to mention that Indian investigators have reached the Pulwama Site, of the Attack. A 12-member National Investigation Agency team left for occupied Kashmir & collected samples from the blast site.

Our PM Modi while speaking at an Event on Friday, 16th of February, said the country will give a Strong Response to this attack. The “Blood of the People is boiling” & forces behind the act of terrorism will be definitely be punished,” Without naming Pakistan directly, Pm Modi, claimed “If our neighbour, which is totally isolated in the world & thinks it can destabilise India through its tactics & conspiracies, then it making a huge mistake”.

This is the deadliest attack, surpassing one in 2016 when 19 soldiers died, saw explosives packed inside a van rip through buses in a convoy of 78 vehicles carrying some 2,500 members of the Paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). Two Blue buses carrying around 35 people each bore the brunt of the explosion, which was audible 20 kms from the main city of Srinagar on the main Highway towards Jammu. Some of the Bodies were blown away in the fumes, not identifiable, the convoy was bringing the Troopers back from leave to re-join Active Service, Sad…

US & Russia for the 2nd Consecutive day have asked perpetrators of Pulwama terror attack to be brought to justice with President Vladimir Putin asking for action against attackers & White House demanding that Pakistan dismantles terror Infrastructure. Putin also sent his condolences to President Ram Nath Kovind & PM Modi, in connection with the killing of Indian security Force Personnel in a Terrorist attack in J&K. Interestingly, John Bolton the US NSA had two telephonic conversations with his Indian Counterpart Ajit Doval on February 15th & 16th. Washington has also conveyed strong support to Delhi, in its counter-terror & Counter-Proxy war Strategy. One of the significant facts to be noted here is that it has taken 23 long years, & the lives of thousands of Indian soldiers & Civilians killed in Pak Proxy Terror Attacks, for India to revoke Pakistan’s MFN Status, shows how ineffectual & over-refined our Diplomacy was.

According to me Pakistan’s Map should be scrapped through Pro Active Air Centric Solutions, Good to see that MFN Status has been revoked. We have to down Play rather say goodbye to diplomatic Ties with Pakistan as I see that Pakistan High Commission has been summoned & so our Indian High Commission at Pakistan has been asked to Return to India. We definitely ought to Re-visit Indus water Treaty, under legal quota. An All-Party Resolution on Pulwama— “Entire Nation Speaks in one voice”. All Political Parties had condemned the Pulwama Terror Attack, expressing condolences for the family of those killed. Rajnath Singh, Union Home Minister chairs all -Party meeting to discuss Terror attack. The Parties were briefed about the attack in Pulwama & the steps being taken by the Government, so far, a Home Ministry official said. Rajnath Singh also spoke strongly about the violence that broke about in J& K after the attack, saying that no communal attacks will be tolerated, sources confirmed. Now when we see, all the above happenings, its very Clear & also evident that Government is very serious & will implement calibrated approach towards dealing with the current situation through Tactical measures, wherever due give the Enemy & Rogue Nation Will be given Befitting Rebuttal by our Establishment in the Tone & Manner the Rogue Nation across the Valley Understands befittingly. I feel that all Pakistani ARMY ASSETS must be damaged, by our Armed Forces, Blood for Blood, No Tolerance, Our Brave warriors who were Martyred, their sacrifices shouldn’t go in vain at all. As we all know our PM Modi has given full freedom to our Armed Forces to take Military Action against Pakistan following Pulwama Attack. Most Importantly, Pak Army-ISI, must be Finished. We NEED TO FINISH THE ROOTS, NOT THE SYMPTOMS. While I am writing the Article, I am watching the News Channels giving us the News that one more Army Officer Martyred in Rajouri, in Pakistan Firing.

My Viewpoints:

Pulwama Attack—A Prayer in our Lips, with Tears in our Eyes, Shrieking Voices of the Loved ones, in our ears, makes us to take a pledge of not Acceding an Inch of Kashmir to Enemy Nation, at any cost & Extent, Kashmir is an Integral Part of India & Kashmiris are Indians. Salutations to our Martyred souls. Indian Army must Inflict Damage. Indus Water Treaty to be Scrapped. Air Centric Solutions, by Conducting Air strikes scrapping the Map of Pakistan from world Map. An Electrified Fence around LOC.  Global Communities should join hands with India to declare Pakistan as Terrorist state, Maulana Masood Azhar as a Terrorist by China. Pakistan to be divided into four Parts. Most importantly Separatists who are sitting inside the Valley & enjoying all the benefits from Government of India, their Security Cover should be removed, Lobbyists From C-Congress-Corruption especially senior Congress Leaders like Mani Shankar Aiyar, & some of the Lutyens Journalists who enjoy the luxuries duly entrusted upon on to them by Congress, Human Rights Activists, especially People who are Champions of Peace talks with Pakistan should be dealt with Iron Fist. Pakistan Economy’s already in Ruins, they are already Vulnerable situation right now, extremely Fragile, they can’t match our Economy, their Economic Growth is lower than the Average 7%, Growth in South Asia. The Tax Percentage of GDP has declined in the Past year, from 10.2%, in 2013-14, to 7.5%, in 2014-15 & further reduced to 4% in 2018-19. Pakistani Children are already displaced, with their families from a Pakistani Tribal Area, Just Imagine our Economy which is Surging ahead with 8% GDP, they are no way nearing our figures, but Pakistani Army—ISI, needs to finished which is the root cause, my Views. Nation stands United with our Leadership PM Modi at this time of sorrow that Nation is undergoing, we trust your Instincts & Decisive Leadership to deal with such Dastardly & Cowardice Act. As I always say at the end of the Dark Tunnel there is always A  Light, so in reality there is a new Ray of hope, With You PM In your Bold Decision, 132cr.Indians are with You, trust your Prudence, Foresight & Focus, come what may in the form of URI, PATHANKOT, PULWAMA Nation stands united for a cause, purpose, these sacrifices, will be definitely, given a befitting Rebuttal the Language in which the Terrorist Nation, Pakistan across the Valley will understand.

 With U NAMO, in all your Endeavours—A leader who will Script New India free of Terrorism & Terrorists, after scripting Vikas & Parivartan for 132cr.Indians.

Shat Shat Naman to our Martyred Soldiers!

Soldiers, My Tributes…

Jai Hind

Dr. Sukanya Iyer

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