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Abhinav Mukund shuts down trolls on racism with a hard-hitting tweet

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  • August 11, 2017
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India’s test opener Abhinav Mukund has lashed out at social-media trolls who have been commenting on his complexion. In a lengthy post on Twitter, Mukund, who is presently in Sri Lanka with the Indian team, wrote that he was speaking up not just for himself but “for many from our country who experience ridicule based on the colour on one’s skin”.

Ridiculing someone over their complexion is not new to India. Abhinav hopes his message will help the mindset and prove #Fairisnttheonlyhandsome. With no agenda of garnering sympathy or attention, he says it is an issue he feels strongly about. Addressing an open letter to his followers, the 27-year-old batsman wrote, “I have been playing cricket since the age of 10 and I have gradually climbed up the ladder to where I am right now. It is an honour to get the chance to represent the country at the highest level. I have been travelling a lot within and outside our country since I was 15”.

Speaking about getting bullied while growing up, he shares how he has been subject to a lot of name-calling. But all he did was laugh it off because he had bigger goals. Encouraging people to identify and break away from conventional beauty standards in the industry and society at large, he signs off by saying, “Fair isn’t the only lovely or handsome guys! Stay true, stay focussed, be comfortable in your own skin.”

In a nation where public figures refrain from taking up issues on social media, Abhinav’s bold decision to publicly address his grievance is commendable. Apart from teammates, his post received an overwhelming response from the general public too.



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