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Acceptance – The Bitter Fact of Life!

  • Fearless Indian
  • June 15, 2020
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In this fast moving scenario, where everything is at our fingertips and takes place within the blink of an eye; when a given situation happens to change, have we ever thought to just take a pause for a few minutes and accept who we really are, rather than trying to constantly change ourselves in order to fit into a virtual society which is just created within our minds!

People nowadays tend to change for no specific reason. It could either be due to a moving social media trend or just to follow a mob or a group in the society that they wish to be a part of! But is this change really needed?

Do we need to follow someone blindly just to fit perfectly in the jar of something which is not really meant for us?

“वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्” has gained a newer meaning nowadays, where everyone is everyone’s friend in this virtual world, and everyone claims to be One Big Family…!! But is it true in the real aspect that everyone is truly your family?

Speaking about every tiny detail and blabbering about it on social media helps attain a fewer thousands of likes and shares, but what about the inner state of mind that lies within..? Is it really okay to incorporate all such changes within us, just to be a part of the ongoing trend in the virtual world?

Every now and then we keep on hearing about the physical appearances of people. Why to exercise and have diet plans just to post pictures and impress the rest of the world!!??Why not be 90kgs and still be healthy and adorn your face with a beautiful smile, with no trace of any diseases!

Never hesitate to share your feelings or speak up with your family or near and dear ones, as it is always better to talk it out or discuss and listen patiently rather than keeping your feelings inside yourself!

Just think twice – we have a life not to follow or please others, but just to live it at full pace in order to fulfil our family’s dream. If you hurt or harm yourself, no one loses here, more than your own family! So it’s better to just ‘Accept Yourself’ whole heartedly with a broad smile and give yourself a tight hug saying “Yes I Am Special”!

By Sukriti Chakravarty

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