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Ache Din for Elephanta Islands!

  • Akshay Rane
  • February 22, 2018
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Elephanta Islands are probably one of the most popular tourist attractions of Mumbai city. The Islands are known for housing some of the most renowned historical artefacts and statues in India. Moreover, the island remains on top of the itinerary of anyone visiting Mumbai for the first time. Also, the island is a regular for school and college excursions.

Elephant Island, which is located near Mumbai, is all set to get electricity today. Yes, that’s true the island’s inhabitants lived under darkness all these years.

The project for electrification of the islands will be inaugurated by honorable Chief Minister Devendra Fadnvis and renowned social worker Appasaheb Dharmadhikari. After many futile attempts by the previous Congress-NCP Government, the island will finally get unhindered electric supply after decades.

The Navy have also been requesting the State Govt. for the electrification of the island as it would prove helpful for guarding the Bhaba Atomic Research Center opposite the Elephanta. All these years, the island used to receive only 3 hours electricity per day which was provided by electric generators.

Elephanta Island has 3 villages namely, Shetbandar, Mora Bunder and Raj Bunder, each of these villages have on transfer. Finally, after much to and fro and ‘n’ number of hiccups, the island will be receiving electricity thanks to the continued efforts of the current Maharashtra Government.

The inhabitants of these islands (2000) are ecstatic as they will be finally receiving electricity after all these decades, in their lifetime.

Indeed, Ache Din are here for Elephanta Islands!

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