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Actions Speak Louder than Words-Retaliation for Pulwama Attack-A Strong Jawaab

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • February 27, 2019
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As I start to Pen down my thoughts, Today I feel Elated on 26th of February 2019, as Nation which was Mourning the Martyred CRPF Jawaans during the Pulwama Attack; this dastardly attack was avenged through a Successful Cross-Border Air Strike, By Indian Air Force. Before I go into the details of the Air Strike conducted by Air Force, my detailed Analysis & its Political Ramifications, while I Sip my Specially brewed Filter Coffee, which energizes me, I would like to quote a Phrase from Swami Vivekananda

“Strength is Life, Weakness is Death, All Power is within you, you can do Everything.”

  Let me Give You all the detailed analysis of Cross Border Air Strike & Meticulous Planning:

  Let me give you all the Difference Between Pok & LoC:

  LoC—The Term Line of Control refers to the Military Control Line between the Indian & Pakistani Controlled Parts of the Former Princely State of Jammu & Kashmir- A Line which does not constitute a legally recognized International Boundary, but is the de facto Border. The LoC is rooted in the ceasefire lines drawn up after the India-Pakistan war in 1947-48. It was formally established in 1972, after a third war between India & Pakistan in 1971. It was Re-designated as the “Line of Control”, following the Shimla Agreement, which was signed duly on July 3rd 1972.The Pakistani Controlled Part is divided into Azad Jammu & Kashmir & Gilgit-Baltistan. The Northernmost point of the Line of Control is known as NJ9842. The India-Pakistan Border Continues from the Southernmost Point on the LoC.  Another Ceasefire line separates the Indian controlled State of Jammu & Kashmir from the Chinese Controlled area known as Aksai Chin. Lying further to East is known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Indian Line of Control fencing is a 550Km (340mi) barrier along the 740 Km (460mi) disputed 1972 Line of Control (or Ceasefire Line). The Fence, constructed by India, Generally, remains about 150 Yards on the Indian-Controlled side. Its stated Purpose is to exclude arms smuggling & Infiltration by Pakistani-based Separatists. Pakistan has many a times criticized the construction of the barrier, saying it violates both bilateral accords & relevant United Nations resolutions on the region.

Surgical Strike 2.0—Air Strikes on Terror Launchpads: Meticulous Planning led to Successful Air Force strike—

The Indian Air Force on Tuesday, 26th February 2019, destroyed the Terror Camps, in Pakistan Balakot using Laser-Guided Bombs. The Airstrikes which were conducted, after credible Information, emerged that Jaish-e-Mohammed, (jeM) terror group was attempting suicide attacks at various parts of the country, Foreign Secretary, Vijay Gokhale Said. The Planning for the Air Strike began a few days after the Pulwama attack, according to Intelligence Agencies. Sources also state the fact that Plan was presented to the Government by Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa a few days after the attack on CRPF Convoy in Jammu & Kashmir’s Pulwama in which 40 soldiers were killed. The Proposal was cleared by the Government between February 17-18, the Sources Said. The Indian Air Force then conducted Surveillance-both airborne & On the ground, A Two-Pronged Strategy, both on Air, on the Ground, A kinetic action-with Heron Drones. (India bought 50 of these long-endurance Drones from Israel for US$500 Million). A Heron Drone can perform Strategic & tactical missions, can reach an Altitude of 35,000 feet, stay in the air, for more than 45 hours, & has a flight range of 350Km.  The Surveillance also gave a list of Possible Target sites to Indian Security forces which was cleared by National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval, last week. The Air Force also assigned the targets to two Mirage Squadrons & the best pilots were chosen for the Mission. The 12 Mirage-2000s were armed with laser guided Bombs, I will also give you all the details of other Assets used – AWACS Embraer Flight was airborne, SU-30 took from Sirsa, IL78, took from Agra, Pechora Missiles. The 12 Mirage-2000s, took off from Gwalior, in batches along with Heron Drone from a secret Airfield. The Fighter Jets dropped their Payloads in the form of 3 Strikes- Strike 1-Balakot- 3.45 AM-3.55AM, Strike 2—Muzaffarabad—3.48—3.55—Strike3-Chakoti—3.58—4.04, all Terror camps were Bombed by our Forces, Offensive lasted 21 Minutes in totality, Alpha 3 Control Rooms of Jaish Destroyed, 10 Terror Camps were destroyed, 12 IAF Mirage Jets Cross LoC, A strongest retaliation ever. A revolutionary & paradigm shift in Security attack for the first time in History of India, since 1831, when Maharaja Ranjit Singh decimated Enemies. During all these Air Strikes by Air Force, our PM Modi personally supervised & was present in the situation room at South Block, when the Strike happened. The Fighter Jets, after having dropped their Payloads & returned duly to their base safely. News Agency

ANI Reports-

              IAF Sources: At 3330 Hours, on 26th February a group of Mirage 2000 Indian Fighter Jets         Struck a major Terrorist Camp across the LoC, & Completely destroyed it.

              A significant Step, A Paradigm shift in Security Attack, A New Political Narrative set. No Chalta Hai Attitude, Mera Kyaa, Mujhe Kyaa, these kinds of attitude have been eliminated befittingly through apt Actions, Bold, Decisive Leadership & Objective Thought Process, enough is Enough, A Practical Approach, A Befitting Rebuttal to Naysayers & Enemies as JAICHANDS sitting inside the Nation & Across the Valley. As our PM Modi Post Pulwama attack assured every citizen at various Fora, that the sacrifices of our Martyred warriors in Pulwama will not go in vain, here we are on 26th February, 2019, Save the Date, has indeed walked the talk by conducting Air Strikes by Crossing LoC, for the 1st time in the History of India. India was firmly & resolutely committed to taking all measures to fight the menace of the Terrorism, said by Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale, He also added that the Non-Military Pre-Emptive action was targeted specifically at JeM Camp. The selection of the target was also conditioned by our desire to avoid civilian casualties, he said adding that a large number of JeM terrorists’ trainers & Jihadis were eliminated in the operation.

Twelve Days after the Pulwama Terror Attack, the Indian Air Force conducted major strikes at terror camps of Jaish-e-Mohammed, in Balakot town of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan. Pakistani Security Forces & JeM terrorist were caught unaware when 12 Mirage fighter Jets, stormed in their Territory around 3.40 AM, on Tuesday, & dropped around 1000kg Bombs, which killed up to 350 terrorists. After the Entire Operation was over PM Modi, during his Political Rally in Rajasthan said, “He would not let his country down, & the country was in the “Safe Hands”. While Pakistan has acknowledged the strikes carried out in the region, it has warned India of an appropriate response at the ‘time & Place of their Choosing”. After Pulwama attack, Nation was mourning for 12 days, & on the 13th day, our valiant Air-Force paid the real tribute to the Martyred soldiers by destroying Terror Training camps deep inside Pakistan Territory, Ram Madhav said. Many Voices from International Community Applauded the efforts of Surgical Strike 2.0—Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne urged both sides to Exercise Restraint, avoid any action which would endanger Peace & security in the region & engage in dialogue to ensure that these issues are resolved peacefully, ANI reported.  At 5.15 PM, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, “I want to say that India & Pakistan are both important countries in South Asia. A sound relationship & Co-operation between the two serves the interests of both the countries & Peace & Stability in South Asia.” Pakistan’s all-weather friend China stated & requested both the countries to exercise restraint”. But Look at the Audacity of Pakistan, after loosing their Army sponsored Terror outfits JeM, wherein around 350 terrorists were killed, still they didn’t learn a lesson, but they openly opined by saying that they will respond at the time of their choosing such an embarrassing moment for Pakistanis. Pakistani National Security Committee said, “For this domestic & International Media is being taken to the Impact site. Forum concluded that India has committed uncalled for aggression to which Pakistan shall respond at the time & place of its choosing”. 

In the wake of Major Air Strikes by India in Pakistan, Border districts in Gujarat & Punjab have been put high alert. Punjab Chief Minister held a high-level meeting with his cabinet with senior leaders & top officials. Another thing to Ponder here is the greatest Entertainer, & by default who became CM of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal, postpones his fast in the wake of the IAF strikes in Pakistan. He tweeted “In view of prevailing Indo-Pak situation, I am Postponing my Upwas for full Statehood of Delhi. We all stand as one Nation today.”

Former CM of J&K Mehbooba Mufti says “Since Pak has claimed that no casualties were reported despite IAF violating LoC, they should adopt a re-conciliatory stand as opposed to further escalation”. Now these utterances are fully Anti—National, sitting inside the valley, but speaking against the Sovereignty of India, always taking a stand on the behest of Proxies sitting inside the valley, whose Security was stripped off by Government of India, & also 158 Neta’s too.

National Security Advisor Mr. Ajit Doval, the mastermind, briefed the CCS, members that the Air Strike wiped out a large section of Top Commanders of Jaish. The Terror Facility destroyed had firing ranges, explosive test facilities, Air-Conditioned offices of trainers, barracks for those under Terror training. Built with Army & ISI assistance, the Facility had facilities like Swimming Pools, recreation centres. The larger number of terrorist present at the facility was due to Post Pulwama decision to move out terrorists from Launchpads.

Many voices applauded the extraordinary efforts & valour shown by our Indian Air Force to carry out such an operation in an utmost swift manner. Over 350 Terrorist killed in IAF air strikes, Hundreds of Fidayeen & their trainers were shifted from Pakistan occupied Kashmir to a five-star resort style camp in a hilltop forests in Balakot after the Pulwama attack, providing Indian forces with a “Sitting duck target” when they carried out an air strike early on Tuesday, killing up to 350 terrorists, PTI reported. They also said at least 325 terrorists, & 25 to 27 trainers were at the camp, the biggest operated by the Pakistan -based Jaish-e-Mohammed, group, which had claimed responsibility for the February 14 suicide attack on CRPF Jawaans, in Pulwama, Kashmir that killed 40 of our brave warriors. Everyone at the camp was sleeping & Pakistani Defense establishment had no clue whatsoever that the attack was coming so deep into their country because they had expected a surgical strike on Camps in PoK near the Line of Control, PTI.

The main targets of 26th February, Air Strikes, were Ibrahim Azhar, the elder brother of Masood Azhar who was also involved in IC-814 Hijacking & Mufti Azhar Khan Kashmiri, Head of Kashmir operations. Very surprisingly, in those Terror camps, pictures of United States of America, United Kingdom, & Israel were seen in JeM’s Training centre in Balakot. This was intelligence based counter Terror strike not a Military Action for the sake of war. We have Demolished entire Terror set up in the suicide bombing training centre in Balakot, & over 350 terrorists eliminated in the covert operation by Indian Air Force, ANI reported

Our PM Modi on Surgical Strike 2.0

“Sogandh mujhe is mitti ki, mei Desh nahi mitne dunga,

Mei desh nahi rukne dunga, mei desh nahi jhukne dunga,

Mera vachan hai Bharat maa ko, tera sheesh nahin jhukne dunga”.

Lt Gen DS Hooda (Retd), the Northern Army Commander during the’ Surgical Strike’ in 2016: My Compliment goes to the Government for taking this action & also to the Air Force for the way they have carried out this strike (in Balakot) in an absolutely Professional manner.

Many Voices from the Industry, Cricketers, from all walks of life, across various sections of the society, expressed their Respect, gratitude towards our Armed Forces who conducted today’s Cross Border Strikes in Pok at successive Intervals & returned safely.

Political Ramifications of Cross Border Air Strikes:

Our PM Modi has made Pakistan to Pay its due for its dastardly & cowardly act of attack on our CRPF Jawaans.  Though our PM Modi had resumed foreign secretary level talks in 2015, which were followed by PMs Diplomatic talks in Ulfa, The Initial Bonhomie between India & Pakistan began dissipating after the terror strikes, firstly on Gurdaspur Police station, in July 2015, & later on Pathankot Air Force base in January 2016.  Unfortunately, the bilateral relations did not go into a consequential tailspin until September 2016 terror Attack, on the Army Camp in Uri, amid three-month long massive mob violence sponsored by Hizbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani’s killing by Indian security forces. India resorted to “Surgical Strikes”, against terror camps, & their launch pads across LoC ever since Pakistan intensified its offensive against India.

According to my depth of understanding I find that after three wars with India & Afghanistan, by Taliban; Pakistan, switched from Conventional to Sub-conventional, warfare in the late 1980’s, given its cost effectiveness & Maximum impact. Therefore, talks or no talks, India has & will continue to receive only terror from Pakistan until Kashmir is resolved. The Modi Government during the current disruption has determined the terms of non-engagement instead of being inactive as PM Manmohan Singh was during his second term.

The Air Strike on Terror Camps in Pakistan is very Positive for the Markets as it depicts a “Decisive Leadership”, in Foreign Policy, & it also increases the Chances of our PM Modi, to retain Power, in the forthcoming Elections.  Many Economists, & Analysts opine that the Markets is likely to gain after the strikes as they will look at the action as the one which builds a Positive deterrence highlighting decisiveness in our Foreign & National Security Policy. This Operation, described as a non—Military, Pre-Emptive strike, was welcomed by the entire Political spectrum & Military experts who had been advocating retribution after the February 14, suicide attack on a CRPF, convoy in Pulwama, killing 40 Jawaans & claimed by JeM.

Facts in a Nutshell: IAF Strikes on Balakot Sector:

Very Important point to be noted, here is that this Cross-Border Air Strike was not into PoK, what Pakistan describes or rather has set a narrative as “Azad Kashmir’, But they went into proper Pakistan, as beyond PoK, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Our Forces went into Heavily Guarded areas. Balakot is Pakistan not PoK. PoK is also part of Kashmir, it is our own Territory, where they Bombed, it also belongs to India, so no International Law has been violated.  Pakistan is now in Damage control Mode & it also realizes that it has committed a major Faux Pax crime. A clear Message that Pakistan uses Terrorism, as a tool against India, we are within our Rights of International Law to take such action. Leaders from different Political Parties have also reacted to the Air Strike. Political Parties have appeared to be in Unison in expressing solidarity with our armed forces, after February 14, Pulwama Attack yes there were Scathing attacks on our PM Modi, but Air Strike after 12 days of Pulwama Attack through Non-Military Pre-Emptive attack, by causing no harm to Civilians but only demolishing terror camps of JeM; this saw Many Voices across the Political Spectrum supported the Indian Air Force’s efforts to demolish Terror camps.

As I conclude my Analysis, I feel this is the Biggest Air Strike ever happened which was struck on JeM, training camp in Balakot. The capability to fix & hit the target with 100% accuracy with Precision, & returning safely back to our soil, was very well demonstrated irrespective of severities of weather conditions, by the IAF in exercise of its Vayusena. Nation is Resolute, A New Political Narrative of willing to take risks for the sake of Nation by our Leadership at the helm of affairs shows the Character, Integrity, Honest intent & convictions clear for Safeguarding Citizens Safety & Security of 132cr. Indians

We are Proud of our Armed Forces, Every Indian feels safe its because of your sacrifices day & Night facing all the weather conditions protecting us from all sides, Land, Air & water, SALUTATIONS & SALUTATIONS to our brave warriors, whose sacrifices has been Avenged, Nation Salutes You, Proud of Our Leadership-PM Narendra Modi

With you NAMO, in all your Positive Endeavors!

Jai Hind

Dr. Sukanya Iyer

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