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Should Akshay Kumar Apologize to Comedian Mallika Dua?

  • Akshay Rane
  • October 27, 2017
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If you’ve been following news in this week, chances are you must have already read or seen Indian comic talent – Mallika Dua’s tirade against Khiladi Akshay Kumar.

Khiladi Kumar is currently hosting Great Indian Laughter Challenge on Star Plus of which Mallika Dua was one of the mentors.

She was recently fired from the show as she wasn’t as famous as the new mentor – Sajid Khan. In one of the episodes which was censored but leaked online, Akshay Kumar is heard as saying the following statement– ‘Aap Ghanti Bajaye, Phir Main Aapko Bajaunga.’

The comment was made in connection with ‘ ringing of a bell’ which is a practice on the show to appreciate a stand-up comedian’s performance. In India, this roughly translates to a sexual innuendo.

Once the video went viral, Mallika’s father Vinod Dua in a series of Twitter posts slammed Akshay Kumar. Mallika too spoke against the sexist comment and wrote a lengthy blog article on the same.

In her blog post, she also mentioned that she felt uncomfortable when Akshay made the above-mentioned statements. Many online users also trolled Mallika and said that she is used to abusing, as seen in her earlier web-video with All India Bakchod. To which Dua replied, isn’t it dumb to criticize an artist for a role he or she played? Will audience also slut shame Kareena Kapoor for essaying the character of a sex-worker in the movie Chameli.

We would love to hear your views on this entire fiasco. Is Akshay Kumar wrong and crossed the limits of decency? Kindly comment below…


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