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Amazing Sankalp–Go -Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra—A step towards GauRaksha

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • February 20, 2020
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Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra (GVAK) is a registered Research & Development Centre working committedly towards Health, Agriculture, & most importantly cattle protection. This is an Institution devoted to the role of cow & its progeny in betterment of human life. The kendra collaborates with various National Research Institutes of CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, and NITs such as NBRI, Institute of Dermatology, CICR & also with some Veterinary, agriculture and pharmacy colleges. There has been lot of research done regarding Cattle products, especially Cow’s Urine. What we find is Amazing outcome of R&D is quite encouraging. The utility of Cow dung, cow urine, and other Panchakavyas are being investigated by using modern tools in term of relevant scientific research. The findings are re-establishing the lost tradition & pride of cattle community for mankind.

Now Let me tell you about this Kendra’s objectives—

This Project was established in1996. At present 450 cattle are in the Goshala campus which are saved from the hands of butchers. Near about 420 cattle are non- Milch types. It’s a self-sustained Project which provides for optimum utilization of cow dung and cow-urine. It’s being run by donors for a very noble cause, especially for Research &Development works, construction activities & Publication of Literature in various languages, donors are regularly contacted for this noble cause. This is one of its kind in India, where this Institution is successful in providing scientifically the utility of Panchagavya (cow dung, urine, milk, curd, ghee, buttermilk) in agriculture, human health, and animal health as well as in the preparation of utility products which are beneficial to all sections of the society. Go- Vigyan Kendra acts as a motivating factor for many scientists who are working in allied fields of Research and Development by organizing Scientific Seminars and conferences. This kendra also organizes Seminars & Workshops and also helps & guides students for their Research work. The Sevadham is located at Deolapar, Taluka Ramtek, District Nagpur, this is 654kms from Nagpur –Jabalpur Highway.The Sevadham also act as healthcare centre for Vanvasis (Tribal)and under Privileged villagers is also established at Sevadham

Let’s see in a detailed manner What are the various types of Cow & Why they need to be Protected?

Researchers at Lucknow-based Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have found that Cow Urine distillate (commonly known as Kamdhenu Ark) which can be used to help in curing Cancer and various other infections, Minister of State for AYUSH Shripad Yesso Naik replied to a question in Lok Sabha on Friday. AYUSH stands for

Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. The Minister also further stated that scientists at CSIR along with G0-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Nagpur, to study the effectiveness of Cow Urine acting as Anti- Cancer agent. Let me bring out the fact about cow urine— “Cow Urine distillate was found to possess the property of bio-enhancement of an anti-cancer natural agent. Taxol(Paclitaxel)which is produced in Microscopic amounts by the Yew Tree (Taxus spp). It also enhances the cell division inhibitory activity of Paclitaxel against the breast cancer cell line MCF-7,” Naik Said. The Minister also further stated that a U.S. Patent on the new research has also been received.

Let me also give you a brief on the Importance of Cow—

We find that since ages Cow forms an integral part of human life cycle in India. It also has healing and indigenous medicinal properties from Cow’s milk, urine and dung were and are widely used in India. Indian Cow’s milk is naturally sweet and has low fat while its urine, even its raw form, is an excellent fertilizer.  “Cow is India’s National Asset”, it’s our responsibility towards cattle community to be protected in all its forms & ways. As we find that India is predominantly Agrarian Economy which still relies heavily on Cattle community, thus it need to be taken care and protected.

There is a huge step taken by Go- Vigyan kendra towards Cattle community    where this institution not only researches about cow’s urine due to medicinal properties, but also propagates the use of Panchagavya, which is a term used to describe five major substances obtained from Cow urine, dung, milk, ghee, and curd. These substances form a major part of the Ayurvedic treatment for several major illness such as Leukoderma, hyperlipidaemia, arthritis, renal disorders, acidity etc. The Kendras also carries out extensive research on these substances(Panchgavya), and amazing results are obtained for the above illness mentioned from the formulations based on Panchagavya.

A Manufacturing unit of ‘Panchagavya Ayurvedic Medicines’, is also commissioned at Deolapar. The License for manufacturing has been obtained from FDA, Maharashtra. There are qualified vaidyas to supervise it. Veterinary doctors regularly examine the Cows. It also provides information and literature on the utility of products obtained from Panchgavya by publishing and distributing books and periodicals. This Kendra also has a special Health care centre for Vanavasis (tribals) and Under-privileged villagers which is also established at Sevadham. There are two Dispensaries which are also functioning in Nagpur where over 10,000patients have been effectively treated. It also provides voluntary Services to the patients suffering from prolonged illness. There have been clinical trials which are also conducted on some Kidney patients & Cancer patients have shown a remarkable progress. The Scientists have also been granted US Patent, for the use of cow urine distillate on bio—enhancer. It also has the antimicrobial effect of the Anti—biotic.

Let’s now see the development and Status of Indigenous Cow—

Indigenous cow can be maintained very easily and anywhere, it requires zero budgets for maintenance. The exotic breed requires unaffordable modern infrastructure and facilities & a hygienic atmosphere. These bullocks have strong bones and strong muscular structure, they possess good heat adaptability and water holding capacity. It’s also seen as hardworking for long hours without food and water. The exotic breed can’t match the working conditions especially during the summer hours and are also very lethargic in nature. These exotic breed is not suitable for agricultural & transportation purposes. We also found out that there are very good milch cows which give more than 15-20 litres quality milk per day. One litre of good medicinal valued creamy milk of indigenous cow is better than 10 litres of white watery milk of exotic cow, So I think we should take adequate steps to Protect them in all aspects. We already saw the usage of Panchagavya and its benefits. It’s also Disease resistance to easily maintainable with low input. The Skin of these cows, especially skin area per square inch in one cow is more, the skin can twitch locally when a fly bites, small hairs keep skin clean & shiny. The length of tail & switches is long in Indigenous cows This is very helpful to protect cow from flies. Indigenous cows, hooves are hard, small and placed closely, this makes the bullocks to work in the field with ease. The difference between the Ysex Chromosome is one of the major problems in cross breed cows.

A Cow is a National asset, Cows give abundant milk not only for their calves but also for us. We find more than 50,000 cows and calves slaughtered each day, Cow protection not only protecting its community, but also saving them from getting slaughtered each day. Cow protection movement was started by Dayanand Saraswati from Arya Samaj. He who raised his voice against cow slaughter during British India. The first GAURAKSHA SABHA was established in Punjab in1882. Then this movement spread rapidly to other cities, and later gained its momentum in India over the years. The Cow is considered as a Sacred animal in Hindu Religion. They are the best companions of Lord Krishna. Dairy products are extensively used in Hindu culture and are one of the most essential nutritional components of Hindu meals. According to Vedas, Cow is abode of Gods, she is Kamdhenu (desire Fulfiller) personified. All the demigods reside in the body of a cow. Cow is the only divine living being that has a Surya Ketu Nadi (Vein Connected to Sun) passing through her backbone Therefore the cow’s milk & Ghee has Golden hue.  Panchagavya we find has medicinal properties in healing many serious illness & disorders in human body. It’s our duty to protect Cattle community from slaughtering and on the way for Cannibalization. In this regard in India, we find many organizations have come forward to protect Cattle community, Go-Vigyan Anusandhan Kendra is one of the few organizations not only protects the cattle community but also conducts lots of Research & Development Activities for empowering & Enhancing Panchgavya & doing their bit towards GAU Rakasha & in true sense after I did a detailed analysis found to be real Gau Rakshaks. I hope Go-Vigyan Kendra reaches greater heights in their divine act of Protecting & giving shelter to Cattle community.

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