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An open letter to Swara Bhaskar

  • Fearless Indian
  • June 17, 2020
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Dear Swara Bhasakar ,

You are the one, if I am not mistaken who brags about being strong and takes on the mighty to help the people who are oppressed .

You are the one,who starts to malign Hinduism or Hindutva when some religious violence has taken place .You should always know that no religion in this world permits violence ,it’s the person who does the crime not the religion .So making Hinduism look vile is not the way. A proud Hindu nationalist is same as a proud Muslim nationalist,who cares about the love and respect their religion preaches and supports the nation .

You are the one, who during boys locker room incident called out the entire generation of men crass .Mind you miss Swara, feminisms is not about competition between genders to prove itself better than the other .It’s human beings who are bad and good not the genders .There are also females who does suppress their daughter in law at home ,so the concept of patriarchy is not only carried out by only men but women too ! So call out the individuals doing the same .

But here Swara, what happened when Sushant committed suicide ? Yes ,no one knows the trigger point that’s true ,But it was also true that he was been isolated, no one invited him to their parties ,no one wanted to remain in his touch and when that’s not enough, he was been mocked in a show hosted by Karan Johar repeatedly .The sole purpose of the show is to call your brigade and talk about any third person and demean him/her.But you say we can’t call out them,why not ?They have been part of bullying ,if religious violence is not allowed ,harassment is not allowed ,so does bullying repeatedly is not allowed .

You know what, here you acted as spineless,but I hope you stop showing selective outrage and try to be a real human .

Jaya Chowdhury

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