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Anti-Nationalists helping “Liberals” to spread hatred in Nation

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • June 28, 2017
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#NotInMyName is trending on Twitter in India since Wednesday morning. People are tweeting their messages to protest against the recent incidents of mob lynching. A Twitter user Kawal Preet has tweeted her picture with a paper in her hands that says, “I am a citizen of India and I stand with the secular values of our constitution. I will unite against communal mob lynching of Muslims in our country.” There have been several incidents of mob lynching in past few weeks. Last week two brothers were attacked in a train to Ballabhgarh near Faridabad.

Social media has become a powerful tool of communication. ISIS has been over time using social media to spread propaganda. The campaign encourages Muslims worldwide to partake in the campaign, and the hashtag has gone viral on Twitter, and thousands of Muslim taking to social media to express their condemnation of ISIS’ actions and their campaign of terror. Seeking to reclaim the name of Islam from the militant group, users all over the world have tweeted in condemnation of the group.

The fact is this campaign itself is sponsored by ISIS and its some unusual aspects. The irony is this campaign is been promoted by Congress and its allies like NDTV, Media Jihadists and of course Congress. With the help of some incidents, it proves that NDTV is anti-Indian and anti-Hindu channel get paid from all kind of SICK-U-LIAR parties like Congress, TMC, SP, RJD, CPM type parties.

NDTV intentionally forget of those incidents during Congress rule too there was Deganga attempted genocide by Muslims, Bodo-Bangladeshi clash by illegal Muslims, Azad Maidan, Charminar … all in a span of one year in so-called ‘SICK-U-LIRA’ CONGRESS …. but only a handful of them were reported, BUT NONE OF THEM RAISED BY NDTV. Brahmmanberia in Bangladesh near Agartala,300 Hindu houses attacked &10 temple destroyed.

When one constantly takes an anti-national stance, it is only natural that patriotic Indians would be hurt and certainly protest against such bias. Media holds the biggest responsible power in a democracy. But they remain unaccountable and answerable to a proper regulatory authority.

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