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Apoorva Raagangal To 2.0— “Thalaivaa”

  • Devvrat Mainhallikar
  • December 12, 2018
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On the Occasion of Thalaivaa’s 68th Birthday, our esteemed guest writer Dr. Sukanya Iyer has shared her thoughts.

As I Pen down my Thoughts for another Article with a difference, while I sip my Usual Brewed south Indian Filter Coffee, which fills me with lot of Freshness, & thereby activate my Mitochondria too,I am Penning my Thoughts on a legendary Personality, larger than life Aura, Very Organic, No Pretence of superstardom whatsoever, bumped couple of times at Poes Garden, Chennai, where he resides, as & when I used to Pass From his house straight from a big stroll @ Marina Beach, which is few KMs away from his house& also from My Ethiraj College, yes…those days of College… which takes you down the Memory lane. Shivaji Rao Gaekwad Known as Rajinikanth is an Indian film actor who works Primarily in Tamil Cinema & few Movies in other Indian Languages too, & Only Indian Actor who acted across all Formats-Black &White,Color, 3D, Animation, Motion Capture. Generations after Generations we are watching but never a dull moment in his movies, A Full-On Entertainer &Entertainment, He Continues to rule our Hearts. He started acting in short Plays while he was working in Bangalore Transport Service as Bus conductor. In 1973, He joined the Madras Film Institute to Pursue a Diploma in Acting. He Debut in Balachander’s Tamil drama Apoorva Raagangal (1975), his acting career took off with a brief phase of Portraying antagonistic characters in Tamil Films.

Why Rajinikanth, A Hero who has a larger than Life’s Size?

As we all know, Rajinikanth rules the hearts of his fans across the world, he is not just adored but worshipped as Thalaivaa. His movies are box office hits not only in South Indian Market but even as far as Japan& UK. Muthu is one such Example. Many People are also not aware of the fact behind this larger than life Persona lies a simple man who is much like any of us. It’s his ability to balance his stardom with simplicity & humility that makes him a true real-life hero too. Rajinikanth also a regular visitor to Himalayas, after Conquering Box office. It’s his spiritual hideout for Peace& Meditation. He is the only actor to have explored these sacred carves.

Rajni Says” I go to the Himalayas after every film. I go alone, without anybody. I go into the interiors, to the Himalayan Villages.Being there itself is like Meditation. A large-hearted actor too-How, when his films don’t do well, he returns the money to his distributors from his own Pocket. Such is his selflessness. During the recent Chennai floods, the veteran actor cancelled his birthday celebrations & donated Rs.10Cr., towards relief. According to the sources, he asked his fans to celebrate his birthday by Participating in relief work. He is Approachable & accessible, He never makes anyone wait for him & reaches all his shoots & events before time. Being a Megastar has not made him forget his mentor & also his roots.The Thalaivaa allowed his Mentor to Guide him at every point of time. The Megastar is also an Intellectual. Many of Rajinikanth’s fans don’t know how learned he is, he reads a lot. His interest areas include Science, Spirituality,Politics, & Culture. We know all the roles Rajinikanth has played in his films. But his life roles are even more fascinating. He lost his mother at an early stage, he helped his family to overcome Hardships by doing odd jobs like being a coolie & a bus conductor. His hard work paid off & the rest is history, He is also known for his simplicity unlike other stars. The Superstar respects his fans as much as they respect him. Twenty-two years ago, three of his fans died, in an accident on their way back to Chennai, Rajinikanth was so badly affected after this incident that he stopped celebrating his birthday in Chennai.

An Indian Actor whose Unique mannerisms & Stylized line delivery made him one of the leading stars of Tamil Cinema. With roles in more than 150 films, he also enjoyed considerable success in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada Movies. Rajinikanth made his debut in Hindi Cinema in 1983, Andhaa Kanoon, a film that Paired him with Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Rajinikanth went on to star in many of India largest Blockbuster films, including Moondru Mugam(1982), Thalapathi (!9921), Baasha (1995), Padayappa (1999), Sivaji -The Boss (2007)& Science Fiction Thriller, Enthiran (2010), in which he played Chitti Babu & its creator Dr. Vaseegaran. His acting style is characterized by unbridled exaggeration & Pronounced Mannerisms, His signature Gesture—in which he deftly flipped a cigarette high in the air & caught it between his lips—was adored by his intensely devoted fans. Rajinikanth won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor, the highest accolade for an actor in Tamil Cinema, numerous times, in 2000 he received the Padma Bhushan for his contributions to Indian Cinema.

Now Friends, let me come straight to our Current topic of 2.0—Box office collection: Rajnikaqnth-Akshay Kumar Starrer

The makers of 2.0 had already made a Rs.370Cr., deal through Satellite rights, Digital Rights, in the 1st 5 days, this is huge,I think after taking a slight hit initially, Shankar’s 2.0 continued to hold the ground on weekdays. The film was reportedly made with a huge Budget of Rs.550Cr. However, 2.0 is doing quite well at the box office earning Rs.400Cr., at the box office within four days of the release worldwide. 2.0 has also managed to cross Rs.400 Cr. mark within four days of its release. Playing across 6,800 screens in India with three versions of the movie available: 2D,3D,4DX, it is being said that the Trilingual film will recover its cost with just box office collections within just one week of its release. The Film’s Producers Lyca Productions, confirmed that the film has touched Rs.400 Cr. In 1st five days, it’s also good news for Pakshiraj, Akshay Kumar as the Hindi version of 2.0 also crossed Rs.111 cr., mark. The film is expected to beat the lifetime collection of Toilet Ek Prem katha which was Rs.133.60Cr., & also made Akshay Kumar emerge as Highest Grosser before Weeks 1 concludes, as per Trade Analyst Taran Adarsh. Besides Rajinikanth in a dual Role, & Akshay Kumar as the Villain also stars Amy Jackson & also got released after a delay on November 29. The Characteristic Features of this Particular film the VFX, Atmos sound & Impressive 3D impressed some, 2.0’s story line earned great reviews from fans & Critics.

This is Touted as the most expensive film ever made in India, Rajinikanth’s Science-Fiction Flick 2.0, is fast making gains at the office. The Shankar directed Venture had made Rs.319cr. across, the Hindi,Tamil & Telugu Language formats at last count, with the Hindi version alone collecting Rs.152 Cr. (December10). It’s the second highest Hindi Dubbed film,Surpassing Bahubali (2015).2.0 had also earned quite decently worldwide. Backed by Lyca Productions, 2.0 has been made at a budget of Rs.550 Cr. while the Satellite TV rights have gone to the Zee Network for Rs. 110Cr. about Rs.80Cr.,has come from Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions for distribution rights of the Hindi version.

Dr. Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) is a Scientist who encounter the fifth force, with his inventions Chitti, Nila (Amy Jackson), & 2.0 (Chitti Reloaded Robots). All of Chennai is in grave danger as a mysterious looking crow is destroying the city, as expected Chitti is brought back to take on the giant bird made out of mobile Phones. However, Chitti alone is unable to savethe People. In Come 2.0., Robots with their quick wit & destruction power to take on Pakshi Raja alias crow man (Akshay Kumar). Shankar’s films are always very appealing with Grandeur. It has a Predictable story line that gives us a clear Insight that these days Mobiles have overtaken our lives & that needs regulation, as we all have lost that Personalized touch Of CONNECT with Nature, Family, & many other things in our lives. 2.0 is about how Humans misuse Technology,& make the world unfit for other living beings. 2.0 is a film that should be watched for its sheer scale, & for Visual effects. It’s a Technician’s Movie. Most of the the Punch dialogues are spoken out by Robot Nila, which gives it a nice twist. The biggest treat for fans of Thalaivaa is to watch him in Multiple Avatars. He has delivered a very neat & decent Performance, as Dr.Vaseegaran, Chitti &2.0 in few places. Rajinikanth is very Convincing as the Scientist Vaseegaran & also Chitti, but it is in his 2.0, robot rules that he gives best of the expressions.

Akshay Kumar as an Orinthologist is a little slow with actions, but he aptly conveys what he needs to do with his expressions. Amy Jackson slips into her role as Nila very well too. Most importantly, a welcome change is that there are no songs, while Rajinikanth doesn’t get any heroic sequence, but Akshay Kumar’s character does & the build-up to it looks very interesting too. There is also a flashback Aspect to Ornithologist Professor Pakshi Raja on why he became what he became. The entire Portion was well shot,& is ably backed by Akshay Kumar’s Performance. The Climax, is the talking Point of the entire film. With Incredible CGI effects & brilliantly Choreographed stunt Sequences, it is just a visual spectacle unfolding onscreen. Shankar’s subtle touches here & there in entire movie address into other topics as Corruption, & Ecological Imbalance. 2.0 goes overboard in a few places & does become more of a science & History session.

To sum it Up, for me,apart from my other Researched topics, I thought I will give a small Tribute to Thalaivaa, whom I have grown watching his films in Chennai since Childhood.There is Definitely a Message that it’s a much-needed message, that in a particular scene, Pakshi Raja explains How Humans, Birds & animals have to co-exist to lead a harmonious life. Friends, indeed this movie is a VISUAL TREAT, captures Hearts of Fans, & also has a massive opening with the film doing justice to the delay. In Tamil I would like to say that Dialogues Delivery is Kalakkal, (Stupendous). Its Indeed a Blockbuster & a Family Entertainer.A Technically sound Film, I would give 100 Marks for VFX effect & 3D. A Heavily Loaded Digital & Technical Content, so do watch for Visual Treat& Dialogue Delivery & Larger than life size of THALAIVAA

I would like to quote a dialogue from his famous movie called Muthu” ORUVAN ORUVAN MUTHALAALI, ULAGIL MATRUM THOZHILAALI”.

Meaning- In this world, there is only one landlord, who is supreme who rules us, Mystic Power-God

Rest of us are all labourers labouring ourselves to meet our end for sustaining our livelihood.


Dr. Sukanya Iyer

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