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Apple’s India Push

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  • August 2, 2015
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Apple’s iPhone sales growth in India has for the first time raced past China in the Q3, it has registered an increase of a whopping 93% but it still holds only a tiny share of the entire smartphone market of the country, a trend which it is looking to change.

Underlining the importance of the country where the smartphone maker is looking to build upon its recent success in the market, Apple has started implementing aggressive pricing, discounts and buybacks, a sea change from its earlier stand when the country wasn’t considered a prime market.

The American giant said sales of iPhones in India grew 93%, the company’s global phone sales rose 35% to 47.5 million units. “In India we grew at 93% and this is on top of the Greater China numbers that grew 87% during the quarter against a market of 5%,” Apple’s chief executive officer and director Tim Cook said he added, “So, we did exceptionally well I think in any way that you look at it.

In a market such as India, groth can be tricky for the mark as the entry level model their latest product is priced upwards of Rs 50,000. Jaideep Mehta, managing director for India and South Asia at tech research firm IDC said, “Apple is an aspirational brand. They will (have to) balance their volume push with that to get growth,”

But Apple is now looking to build on a 93 percent increase in its iPhone sales in India in April-June, which for the first time outpaced growth in China, of 87 percent – albeit from a low base. Apple has just a 2 percent share of India’s smartphone market, while South Korean rival Samsung Electronics accounts for around one third of volume sales with its range of Android phones.

The India push coincides with Apple missing elevated expectations when it reported earnings earlier this week, prompting some investors to question how long double-digit growth can continue.

Taking to Indian TV screens for the first time, Apple plays up the aspirational appeal of its phones, showing a glamorous Indian bride using Facetime, Apple’s video calling feature, to send coy flashes to her groom of a henna hand or skirt hem before their wedding.

In addition, Apple offers financing schemes where buyers of its latest iPhone 6 can pay in monthly instalments, and has launched Apple Music, a cloud-based music streaming service, for just 120 rupees ($1.88) a month in India – a fifth of the price in the United States.

The company has offered easy financing schemes in India before, but retailers say the focus on operations and marketing show Apple is now more seriously targeting the market.

P.S The Amreican giant looking at India as a serious player

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