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This army is on a mission to feed a million of countrymen on this Independence Day

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  • August 11, 2017
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A group of youngsters venture out at night distributing food to the ones in need. An army of Robin Hoods spread across different cities in India, youngsters clad in the same attire as the heroic outlaw from the English folk lore. These heroes are battling hunger with the weapon, food. It all started with a group of six youngsters from Delhi who had embarked the journey of fighting hunger and wanted to bring an end to the wastage of food across the city.

They planned to pick up pick up the extra food and funnel it to the ones who were in need of it. Picking up excess food from the restaurants at dinner time and distributing it among the hungry is the modus operandi of the Robin Hood Army. With an aim to create a difference in their small way, the Robin Hood Army has by far served over 2.5 lakh people across the country. On 71st Independence Day, Robin Hood Army is on #Mission1Million in Delhi, to drive home the message, what real patriotism is.

These meals will go to orphanages, old age homes homeless and the ones who are in need of their support. Wastage of food and presence of acute hunger are the two gaps that the Robin Hood Army has been trying to bridge. The model which they work on is extremely simple yet innovative. They collect excess food from restaurants and distribute it among the ones in need. The entire model works on donations only in kind. They don’t accept any donation which works on cash.

In this process, the Robin Hood army inspires people around them to give back to people who are in need of their help, at the earnest. The volunteers of Robin Hood Army reaches out to restaurants and talk to them explaining their mission. Later they collect the excess food and organize food drives where they distribute the food.

We wholeheartedly applaud the efforts taken up by the Robin Hood Army across various cities in the country. The way they are battling hunger is an inspiration for most of us.

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