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Arvind Kejriwal at it again, Scraps anti-graft helpline

  • Hiral Patel
  • July 24, 2015
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In a series of flip flops, mismanagement, arrests and corruption, the AAP has spectacularly fallen from grace. Having another stroke of genius, AAP supremo’ Arving Kejriwal has scraped the anti-graft helpline which was launched by the Anti-Corruption Bureau chief. Anti-corruption was the pillar on which the AAP had won the elections but now it seems that Kejriwal has abandoned his beliefs.

Denouncing the Aam Aadmi Party government’s anti-corruption helpline number as “waste of public money”, Delhi ACB chief M.K. Meena on Thursday launched a new helpline, a move which was promptly overruled by the Delhi government which said that its helpline 1031 “stands”.Meena’s announcement came a day after the officer accused the AAP government of not transferring calls received on 1031 to the anti-graft body for further action. Mr Meena, whose appointment as the ACB chief by lieutenant-governor Najeeb Jung was rejected by the AAP government, appealed to people to report cases of corruption on the new number. “We have launched 24×7 helpline numbers (011-23812905 and 011-23812906) which will be operated by police personnel deployed at ACB from its office. I also request citizens of this city, if they find any Delhi government employee taking bribe or involved in corruption case then they can directly report to us,” Mr Meena said.

He added that, “We will take immediate action, and as police personnel are directly handling these calls, quick action under the law will be taken.” However in a not so surprising move the Delhi government claimed that Mr Meena is not the ACB chief and is assigned to handle training and monitoring of under-trial cases and quickly scrapped the help line.

Only two conclusions can be drawn by this incident, either Arvind Kejriwal has taken complete leave of his senses, or due to his engagement in the ego battle with Lt. Governer of Delhi Najeeb Jung, he has completely forgotten all the morals and ideals on which the AAP was founded. Whatever may the reason be the people of Delhi are the ones left suffering.

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