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This Bengaluru firm will make you drink your recycled water

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • October 12, 2017
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Benjamin Franklin once said, “When the well is dry, we will know the worth of water”. With its population expanding on an exponential scale, it wouldn’t be long before India becomes a water-scarce nation. While rainwater harvesting is an optimal option for standalone households to keep water shortages at bay, the same application, when extended to urban apartments and residential complexes, isn’t quite feasible.

For instance, an apartment complex that houses close to 100 families. The amount of water usage per household when cumulated will be much higher than the rainwater collected. Also, the contraption for collecting rainwater in such humongous quantities would not just prove extremely expensive but also require enormous spaces as well.

The option of recycling water has been around for quite some time, but one wouldn’t want to consume the ‘used’ water for drinking and household usage. This could perhaps be due to the improper treatment of water that leaves behind an odour and sometimes discolouration. In a metropolitan city like Bengaluru, many residential compounds have their own sewage treatment plants that recycle the water used by the residents. The maximum use that recycled water from sewage treatment plants or STP finds is for toilet flushes and watering plants. If optimally treated, the recycled water can be the answer to every city’s mushrooming water crunch.

This is what one engineer in the city is trying to do for the last nine years. TransWaters Private Limited, formerly known as Blorebuy, focuses on providing people with the best and economical water treatment solutions with least environmental impact. The brainchild of Vikas Brahmavar, the company believes in keeping the water as natural as possible with all non-desirable properties removed or reduced to desirable levels depending on the application or requirement.

Using patented recycling systems that Vikas has sourced from the United States, the company treats water that comes after STP treatment to potable quality with the help of naturally mined and processed ores. TransWaters has a workforce of eight members, including Vikas, and has helped over 400 customers with water solutions since 2008. With customised solutions for individual homes, apartments, villas as well as industries, the company has answers for anyone and everyone who consciously wants to conserve water.

If the water recycling mechanism incorporated by TransWaters is implemented across cities and towns in India, probably there is still hope for the country to evade the impending threat of water scarcity.

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