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Is he the best actor ever of our time?

  • Akshay Rane
  • January 10, 2018
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We are living in the best of times as far as entertainment is concerned. The world has become a smaller space thanks to new platforms such as Hotstar and Netflix.

We can now compare films and actors from across the world. A new online poll has now adjudged the greatest actor in entertainment history.

Believe it or not, Hollywood Legend, Tom Hanks has been voted as the greatest actor ever in entertainment history. Aamir Khan, for years, has been compared to the versatile Tom Hanks for his brave choice of films and habit of going under the skin of his character, in each film of his.

Forest Gump

Movie fans from across the world voted in this unique poll. A staggering number of 1.1 million voted for Tom Hanks who is a proud winner of the coveted Oscars Trophy twice in his career. Hanks is better known for his superlative performances in movies such as Saving Private Ryan, Castaway, Forest Gump and The Terminal. Lately, Hanks has been taking challenging roles inspired by real life characters in movies like The Post, Bridge of Spies and Captain Phillips.

He has also voiced the famous animated character of Woody from the movie – Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. During last few days at Office, Former US President Barack Obama awarded the prestigious Presidential Medal of Freedom to Tom Hanks.

It is though quite strange that Indian acting greats were included in this prestigious list of best actors across the world.

Nevertheless, we agree with the unanimous decision of naming Tom Hanks the Greatest Actor in Entertainment History.

We would like to hear your views about the decision in the comment section below. Tell us if you agree or do not agree with the decision to name Tom Hanks the best of the lot. #VoiceyourOpinion

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