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Best Bollywood Bonanza Begins…..

  • Neelu Mendu
  • May 29, 2017
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Movies !The silver screen space where we project our lives in a new perspective.It provides us an escape from our bitter, Silly lives and provides an alternative to run away from the realities of life through entertainment.

Well, there are a lot of movies which makes us feel different emotions.

There are some which make us laugh hilariously, There are some which make us cry bitterly.There are some which make us feel happy deeply, While there are some which leave it,s impression on our hearts and mind forever.People cry,laugh,sing,dance,love,fight,and enjoy deep emotions through cinema.Bollywood is popular for it,s won charm, Flavor, and magic.

Here is my top five list of beautiful movies which you can,t miss to binge watch it on this vacation or your leisure time.

1) Mother India

(The plot-The melodrama of a poverty ridden society,s woman who raises her sons with great difficulty, Pain, and tribulations.The real struggle arises when the woman has to choose either to support her son in his wrongdoing or to go against her own moral code as a woman to protect the fellow same gender. )

( Dialogue – Me ek aurat hu,beta de sakti hu,laaj nahe de sakti ! )

2) Barfi ( My personal favorite )

(The plot – A comedy -drama film. A hearing impaired guy falls in love with a normal, beautiful woman.The love is unrequited.Life has it,s own way of finding that special someone for all of us.This notorious yet sharp-witted guy meets an autistic girl. This is a simple, special and a beautiful love story which tells us about the unconditional love of a unique couple.Life lesson to learn about love from this unusual couple. )

( Dialogue – Khamoshi bhe pyar ke zubaan hoti hai ! )

3) Sadma

(The plot-A traumatic story based on Indian -drama. The story revolves around a young girl in a brother who has lost her memory in an accident due to brain injury and behaves like a little, innocent child.A young man befriends and rescues her and takes her home, keeps her safe.In the meanwhile, he gets attached to her, Falls in love with her dreams to marry her.Will he succeed in his love story and will the girl recover ever from this state ?you need to watch this painful yet alluring love story.)

4) The lunchbox

(The plot-When the tiffins (Dabbas ) get exchanged due to the goof up of the tiffin carrier service even a series of letter exchange begin from the tiffins between a middle-class married woman and a widower man.Both of them live in the same city while living with their life stories and yet they are strangers to each other.This is a story of an extraordinary, simple yet touching story of friendship and unaccomplished love.)

( Dialogue – Somewhere I read that the wrong train can lead you to the right station. )

5) Manji (The Mountain Man )

(The plot-An inspiring movie.Based on a real live story of a man called -Dashrath Manji.The main protagonist comes from a poor family and after his pregnant wife dies away while trying to cross the huge mountain, he sets on a new quest on an insane rage and determination to break and cut through the treacherous mountain to make a way for everyone in the village.He finally makes a new way by breaking the huge mountain using a chisel and a hammer after working alone for 22 years.This is a movie about sheer and strong commitment, grit, deep love, This movie will definitely leave you teary eyes in the end.

( Dialogue – Bhagwan ke bharose mat beitho, ka pata bhagwan hamre bharose baitha ho ! )

Enjoy the different side of emotions while watching these Indian superhits and amazing Hindi movies.

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