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‘BEST’ employees’ vulgar Dusshera Celebrations video goes Viral

  • Akshay Rane
  • November 9, 2017
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BrihanMumbai Electric Supply and Transport is under huge financial losses, is a common fact, known to all. During this tough financial phase, BEST employees had also gone on a complete strike, that lasted a few days, for demand of higher wages.

Due to this strike, a wage-cut had been ordered for all the BEST employees. However, it seems like it has not affected the BEST employees, at all, as a video has surfaced online recently which shows BEST employees celebrating Dusshera like there is no tomorrow.

The video was shot a month ago and shows the BEST employees gyrating to vulgar songs and throwing wads of cash in the air. In the video, both; men and women are shown holding cash in the middle of their teeth while flaunting their vulgar dance moves.

A popular Marathi TV actress is also seen in the video, who is also a BEST employee.

The concerned authorities have now ordered a probe in to the over-the-top celebrations and a strict action is soon expected against those responsible.

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