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What are the biggest blunders Congress did in the nation since 1947? Read to know!

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  • June 1, 2018
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It wasn’t the economic policy, which was the biggest blunder of Congress party. As a country which was subjugated by a bunch of traders for more than 200 years, it’s easy to understand the suspicion of free market or capitalism. Add to the fact that the success of capitalism vs Socialism or Communism is a relatively recent phenomenon. USSR, the beacon of socialism / capitalism was considered to be as powerful as America till 1970s. Almost any other political party in their position would have adopted a similar approach to economy. Therefore, I disagree with the answer provided by Balaji Viswanathan on this thread.

It wasn’t also our foreign policy, in fact it was one of the very few things which Congress got right. Non-alignment movement ensured that we as a newly independent country were able to make choices which were truly our own. We could make contradictory choices, not in alignment with the interests of bigger players to suit our own interests. You can read more about it in this answer by Balaji Viswanathan on How can India balance Saudi Arabia and Iran? Therefore, though appealing and apparently logical, the answer given by Chandrahas Rao on this thread also don’t hold much water to me.

However, there are decisions which didn’t require hindsight to know how bad they were and can be considered real blunders of Congress. The key ones being:

Shah Bano Case: Jawaharlal Nehru fought a tough battle against the Hindu hardliners in 50s to reform Hindu Law. This helped to criminalise polygamy and provided more rights to women among other important things. However similar reforms for Muslim Personal Law were not explored given the recent sensitivities of partition. It was the sensible thing to do and not appeasement. The real politics of minority appeasement started with the curious case of Shah Bano (1985), who was a old women divorced by her husband and denied maintenance. She fought a legal battle and Supreme Court rightly gave the decision in her favour. Islamic hardliner took no time to create a furore over this and claimed that such a judgement is not tenable as it is against Islamic Law. Under the pressure of these hardliners, Rajiv Gandhi decided to reverse this judgement through parliament. This was the real beginning of Minority Appeasement in India when common sense was crushed to placate some religious idiots. BJP is one of the indirect beneficiary of this blunder.

From Meritocracy to Dynasty: When Indira Gandhi came to power, she systematically removed anyone who dared to disagree with her or her ways and replaced them with bunch of Yes-mans. No longer Congress was a party of many strong leaders, it was a party of sycophants and top posts became birthright of Gandhi dynasty despite of their lack of capability or experience. Rahul Gandhi is a living proof of this blunder.
1984 Riots: At the time when Congress leaders should have worked hard to maintain peace and harmony, their leaders decided to gain from the public anger which erupted after the assassination of Indira Gandhi against Sikh Community. Here is a famous quote from Rajiv Gandhi on these riots:
“For some days, people thought that India was shaking. But there are always tremors when a great tree falls.” – Rajiv Gandhi

These riots allegedly led by Delhi politicians Sajjan Kumar and Jagadish Tytler (still unpunished ) drove the most significant communal wedge in free India after the days of Partition. Punjab (having majority of Sikh Community) drowned deeper in horrors of terrorism for an entire decade.

4. Emasculating the Prime Minister of India: Sonia Gandhi seemed to have a single point agenda during the second term of UPA, position Rahul Gandhi to be a candidate for PM in the next election. Nothing really wrong with that except being a little far fetched. However, in the process, Congress deliberately disrespected the post of Prime Minister. In enough instances, it was made evident that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are more powerful than Mr. Manmohan Singh (erstwhile PM). The usual decency to maintain appearances was also not on display. Remember Rahul Gandhi tearing down the ordinance of reversing Supreme Court decision of removing convicted politicians from their office ? It was an attempt to make him an hero and show our PM down.

By Kruthika Palleda

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