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BJP Manifesto: Nitis Scripting Towards Naya Bharat, Saksham Bharat

  • Sukanya Iyer
  • April 11, 2019
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Dear Readers/Friends, we have come to fag end of Modi Sarkar, where there is a Paradigm Shift from Third World countries towards Emerging Markets/Nations of the World since last five years, where in these five years Nation witnessed Empowerment through 360 degree Approach of SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS, through Policies/Agendas/Yojana instituted & Implemented duly for upliftment of common Man by Modi Sarkar. We have been hearing about Garibi Hatao, a Popular Slogan by Indian National Congress for last 70 years, but in reality, Garibi was never looked into as subject of Development, whereas it was PM Modis foresight & Prudence which made it Possible to Achieve a Tag of Emerging Nations in the Global Fora. Before I go into the details of my analysis of BJP Manifesto, while having my favorite Specially brewed Filter Coffee, which energizes my Mitochondria, to its optimum level. I would like to quote a Phrase from Chanakya’s Nitis:

“Strength is one of the most important components to be considered while creating a plan. Anyone, who is well aware about his strength & weaknesses: & of his opponent is very likely to win (or at least survive), in almost every situation. It will be best in your interest, neither to underestimate nor to overestimate own strength or of others. It is extremely important that we accept reality & act accordingly.

BJP Manifesto: 2019—Sankalp Patra—Let Me give you all a detailed analysis of BJP Manifesto—

The Manifesto Highlights Nationalism as its Core Agenda-Nation First, National Security, Farmer welfare, the Construction of Ram Mandir & Abrogate of Article 370, The manifesto also promises to double Farmers Income. It also Promised to reinforce Border Security. The BJP Manifesto which is called as Sankalp Patra, ahead of the crucial Lok Sabha Elections. The Manifesto, Presented by Home Minister Rajnath Singh, also the head of the BJP’s Manifesto Panels, stressed on various factors.

Let Me Firstly give you all A brief how Different BJP Manifesto from Congress Manifesto?

Firstly, let me give 10 important Promises made by BJP, that is expected to grab the attention of the Voters the most.

National Security—The BJP’s Security Doctrine focuses on acting Terrorism & Extremism. It also mentioned in its Manifesto that it will “firmly continue”, their policy of giving a free hand to security forces to combat terrorism, & about speeding up the purchases of outstanding Defence-related equipment.

Jammu & Kashmir—Article 370—The Manifesto Read: Annul the Article 35A, of the Constitution of India as the Provision is discriminatory against non-permanent residents & women of Jammu & Kashmir. We believe that Article 35A is an obstacle in the development of the state. The Manifesto also ensures a safe & Peaceful, Environment for all residents of the State. We will make all efforts to ensure the safe return of Kashmiri Pandits & we will Provide financial assistance for the resettlement of Refugees from West Pakistan, Pakistan occupied Jammu & Kashmir (POK) & Chhamb.

Border Security—Manifesto also stated—completed building six integrated check—posts with another, under Construction to facilitate easier trade & Travel, from the neighboring countries. We will further ease the movement of goods & people by constructing 14 more Integrated check-posts by 2024. Trade movement will be conducted through Integrated Check-Posts between India, Nepal, Bhutan.

Doubling Farmers Income—Manifesto Read—PM Modi in 2014 embarked on a Mission of doubling Farmers Income, Increasing Farmers income supporting them financially, & eradicating Agrarian Distress seems to be one of the top Promises made by Ruling BJP. It would work towards PM Modis vision to double Farmers Income by 2022. The Manifesto also mentioned about the recent launch of PM KISAN Sanman Nidhi Yojana to ensure Financial support to Marginal or poor farmers who own land up to 2 Hectares. The Manifesto also Promised to increase the scope of PM-KISAN to financially support more farmers in the country. The BJP Manifesto also mentions about the Launch of a full- fledged Pension Scheme for all Small & Marginal Farmers in the country in a bid to ensure social Security.

The Manifesto also Promised Short-term new agriculture loans up to Rs. 1 Lakh at Zero %, Interest rate for 1-5years on conditions of Prompt repayment of the Principal amount. Congress has gone a step ahead in its Manifesto promising to waive outstanding farm Loans in other states, like in Chhattisgarh, MP, Rajasthan, after the Assembly Elections—but Has it been done, but they brought out a Fiscal Imprudent Congress Manifesto of Rs.72,000/- leading to Fiscal Disaster.

Taxation Policy & Economic Road-map—The BJP Manifesto reads- it will further bring down the GST rates, reward honest Taxpayers & Improve compliance. Simplification of Processes involved in GST Architecture is another top priority. BJP Manifesto also states that it will work towards making India the third Largest Economy by 2030 in the world. The Manifest reads: “We aspire to make India the third largest Economies of the world, this implies that we commit to make India a US$5 Trillion Economies by 2025. & US $10 Trillion Economies by 2032.

On GDP front, the Manifesto claimed that the Growth under BJP has been Paramount when compared to Governments in Power Post-1991. It also claims that I will be fiscally Prudent unlike congress which is very much Imprudent due to its NYAY scheme which is totally unrealistic by Taxing more the Middle class of India.

 The BJP Manifesto also focuses on ‘Make in India’, & also outlines the Goal to make the country a Global Manufacturing Hub. The Manifesto also mentioned GST2.0 Regime, to bring about a Single, moderate, & Standard rate of Tax on all Goods & services. It also further added that the rate of Taxation will be revenue neutral to the Current Indirect Tax Revenues of the Central & State Governments.

Industrial Development: The Manifesto Reads, its focus highly on Industrial Activity, which can help transform into a Global Manufacturing Hub. Strengthening the Companies Act, & a Fresh Industrial policy has also been Promised in BJP’s manifesto. The Party also desires to improve India’s Ranking in Ease of Doing Business Index.

Jobs: The Manifesto Reads:  with huge Speculation over the state of employment in the country, manifesto puts significant focuses on creating new employment opportunities. BJP Plans to extend additional support to 22 major “Champion Sectors”, that have been identified as the key drivers for Indian Economy. It also added that “We Will Optimally leverage the untapped employment -generation, potential of sectors, such as Defence & Pharmaceuticals to take advantage of the opportunities available in Domestic & Foreign Markets.”

Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship—According to BJP’s Manifesto, the Party Plans to Launch a new scheme to provide collateral-free credit up to Rs.50Lakh, for Entrepreneurs. “We will Guarantee 50% of the loan amount for female entrepreneurs& 25% of the day loan amount for Male Entrepreneurs.” It also shows that BJP seems to have a solid plan in Place to boost Start-ups in India.

Poverty—Manifesto Reads – Eliminating Poverty is top Priority considering the fact that the schemes announced will help support poor Households in the Country.  It also stated that it is committed to bringing down the % of families living below the poverty Line to a single Digit in the next 5 years. It also mentions that the further steps will be taken to ensure access to Bank Branches, Payment banks, & Banking correspondents by creating a new Data-Sharing Privacy”, framework that “builds on the success of Jan Dhan & Aadhaar Platforms.

Women Empowerment– Manifesto States – Women-led development, ensuring equal rights for women, providing them a dignified life, & reservation are some of the Promises made in the Manifesto. The Party also ensured that it would ensure optimum focus on improving Programmes, Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao & Saubhagya Yojana. It also stated that Party would also ensure that financial empowerment among women in Rural, & Semi-Urban areas apart from creating fresh employment opportunities for them.

Difference in Ideology—The BJP, has called up for the preservation of “Bhartiya Culture”. The BJP has reiterated its promise of building the Ram Mandir. The BJP Manifesto states that the Party will explore all possible constitutional means to expedite the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Another issue that finds special mention in the BJP Manifesto is the entry of women to the Sabrimala temple in Kerala. BJP Manifesto also Read- “We will undertake every step to ensure that the subject of faith, tradition & worship rituals related to Sabrimala, are Presented in a comprehensive before the Honorable Supreme Court. We will Endeavor to secure Constitutional Protection on issues related to faith & belief states the BJP Manifesto.

The BJP seems to have been successful in wooing the trader community with its Election Manifesto-with a section totally dedicated to MSMEs, the BJP Manifesto has delivered on most of the demands made by the trader’s community winning confidence from Traders all across India. Praveen Khandelwal, CAIT General Secretary. They also reiterated its demand for the FDI Policy which came under scanner last year. Demanding level-playing field & Inclusion of Domestic players such as Snapdeal, Reliance etc., in the Policy, Praveen Khandelwal said. They were of the view that BJP Manifesto carries much weight for the Trading community has it has accepted most of the demands made by us for a long time. In totality it’s a much better Manifesto than Congress Manifesto, Khandelwal concluded. —A Positive Testimonial.

Big Key Takeaways from the BJP Manifesto:

The Rs. 100 Lakh crore investment on Infrastructure to my mind is a game- changer. What we are looking at is an empowered India, not an India that depends on doles & weak Governments.

Sankalp Patra will also show that everything that we have written in this is going to create opportunities, for people to work, jobs. Rs. 100 Lakh Crore is money that is going to go into the ecosystems, it is going to be invested, & going to be spent.

As far as the Citizenship Amendment Bill, BJP is very much committed to it.  It will Passed through both the Houses of the Parliament. Protecting the Interests of N-E & the States or any State which has its own local issues, I think we can create a balance between the two.

Article 370 to be removed, sorting out the issues, get Kashmir to merge into the National Mainstream, be a Part of this growth story, be a part of this development, enjoy the fruits of the Nation going forward becoming a global superpower, & most importantly to get rid of terrorism.

33% Women’s reservation & also believe that there will be national consensus around that. Women getting empowered through Panchayat system, BJP is able to empower more & more Women into the System.

Highest Standards of Transparency, quality accounting, quality Audit of all our expenses, of all our collections. Providing Good Governance & Good Accountability. Balanced Regional Development, A Government that is truly wedded to the all- round development of every citizen & every part of the Country including the N-E Parts & some Northern parts of India have been developed through wold class Infrastructure Projects connection NE with rest of India.

In Conclusion I would like to express my Honest views about BJP Manifesto is that it doesn’t come with loud & Big Promises with its fiery views, rather very Realistic, Logical, with lot of Prudence giving due importance to Inclusiveness, overthrowing the ideology of Divisiveness to unison  of India, An India spearheading its wheels of Progress through Digitization, for enhanced Transparency, efficiency, & Accountability. A Manifesto which is very much fiscal Prudent, & wisely giving the Economy a direction to achieve the GDP growth of 8.25 in 2nd quarter of 2019, as all policies instituted & implemented by Modi Sarkar will take off towards Upwards Trajectory moving Economy to Stability as Macro Economic Parameters have always been stable & stronger. Sustained Development Goals already achieved through various Aspirational Districts being spotted by think Tank of Modi Sarkar-Niti Aayog, which has done a commendable job of Personally Monitoring the implementation of all the Policies at the grassroots level & thereby making Villagers accessible to all the Agendas instituted & Implemented by Modi Sarkar.

As the Polling session starts, India all set to Vote its 1st Phase of from 11th of April 2019, wishing the Ruling Government headed by PM Modi, a bold, decisive leadership at the helm of affairs, which has taken some Historical steps towards Empowerment, Enhancing Nationalist feelings, Strengthening Geo-political relationships, Securing the Northern & western frontiers of India, Making India one of the Global forces to reckon with, put India in a PERSPECTIVE. As I always reiterate on RIGHT TO VOTE— to exercise our constitutional authority to elect the right representative with Prudence & wisdom.

Every Voter Matters, Every Vote Matters, the nation needs momentum of development to continue by the Vikas Yatra scripted by our PM Modi in the last five years, to continue for many more years.

Zaraa Sochke Vote Karna, Vote Kariye, Vote Karo, Vote Kar….

Zaraa Sochiye—People

Kya chahiye Aapko—Vote with lot of wisdom, prudence as one vote made a difference since 2014, now again in 2019, we ought to vote wisely to Re-Elect our PM Modi once again.

Wishing BJP all Luck, PM Modiji All the best to you. Happy Voting Everyone.

Friends it gives me immense pleasure to state the fact that my Website:, wherein, I have poured my thought process on Modi Sarkar’s 140 Yojanas instituted & Implemented for upliftment of 132cr. Indians, Everyone of you could use it as reference Point of View.

My Twitter Id- @Sukanyaiyer2

Facebook Id—Sukanya Iyer

Salutations to our Brave warriors

Jai Hind

Dr. S. Sukanya Iyer

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