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Blind Woman Who Predicted ISIS and 9/11 Makes Predictions for 2018

  • Akshay Rane
  • December 26, 2017
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2018 is just around the corner and people have already started making predictions for the upcoming year. 2017 was a year filled with celebrity deaths and terror attacks, across the globe.

Have you heard of Baba Vanga? The blind lady had made several predictions

She is the lady behind some of the most far-fetched prophecies of 2017. What is even more shocking is almost all her predictions for 2017 have come true. As per her predictions, she believes, in 2018 China will replace Amercia as the Supreme power of the world. More importantly , Baba Vanga had predicted that scientists will discover an alternative source of energy from neighbouring planet Venus.

The revered prophet, hailing from Bulgaria, died in August 1996 and had made the predictions just before hear death. Few of the many predictions made by her include: Brexit, ISIS, Death of Former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, 2004 Tsunami that claimed lakhs of lives and September 9/11 tragedy.

She had accurately predicted the Twin-Tower attacks. While making her prediction she had said, ‘Two steel birds would attack the American Brethren.’

She had also correctly predicted the rise of ISIS by saying that an extremist Muslim army will attack the whole of Europe. Her track record of correct predictions currently stands at 85%.

Baba Vanga is popularly known as the Nostradamus from Balkans and her prediction on China overtaking the United States will surely send down shivers down President Trump’s spine. China has already made steady gains in the Economic and Military departments and is one Superpower that cannot be considered lightly.

It is to be seen Baba Vanga once again gets it right with her predictions for 2018. Till then all we can hope is a steady rise for India on achieving the status of a Superpower.

Do you feel Baba Vanga’s predictions will come true? Comment your views below right away!

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