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Bollywood divas blaming Modi for their cut-shot expenses

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 24, 2017
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It has been more than a month since the Prime Minister announced the decision to render Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency note worthless. Some have called this the PM’s 8/8 strike, since it was delivered on 8 November at eight pm, thereby intriguing that the move is some sort of a surgical strike on black money. Businesses, across, have been affected without an exception. Even though the box office has just begun to recover, we know it will be a slow ride down that road.

Fearless Indian
Source – The Indian Express

If believing upon the sources there is a far lesser demand for actresses to make appearances/do performances in weddings and events in today’s times than what it was when demonetisation had not happened. The gorgeous diva, Sana Khan, who set the screens on fire with her bold-n-brazen histrionics in the sex-laden Wajah Tum Ho, says her earnings have dropped by at least 30 per cent. She claimed, “Log kehte hain: Paisa nahin hai dene ke liye, we’ll have the event later. We can’t afford to have actors dance in weddings. These are the same people who before demonetisation happened, were full in passion about having us in their midst”.

Nia Sharma said who was voted as India’s sexiest TV star, “Demonetisation has affected everyone. Chances of appearances at events today do not arise”. Bollywood Bhaijaan’s rakhi sister Shweta Rohira says, “Honestly speaking, demonetisation has affected us. It hasn’t affected me as per much, because I am involved with art work. But since I know many actresses I must tell you that what you are tracking is not wrong”.

Chitrangada Singh and Bipasha Basu top the list of the most sought-after heroines when it comes to public appearances. A senior event manager revealed, “Now, many actresses are ready to slash their fee to remain in the race. It’s like this-earlier if the money involved was less than Rs 10 lakh, it was often given in cash. Lekin aaj nobody has cash. The black money has decreased. So it’s all in cheque, where the service tax also comes into play. No organiser wants to pay a repulsive amount if her/his money is not accounted for”.

The event manager further added, “Add this to the main reason of why events are hardly finding a place in the diaries of many beauties from the film and TV world-the number of sponsors has decreased”.

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The surgical move has definitely brought the entire Bollywood on the same page, which was earlier torn in half regarding the Pakistani artistes working in the industry. Undoubtedly, our celebrities might refrain from commenting on reluctant matters but are never late to praise a good step.

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