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Is Bollywood glamourizing Gangsters to make them look like heroes?

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 7, 2017
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This Friday’s release – Daddy – is based on the life of notorious gangster turned politician – Arun Gawli…

Should we start imitating Arun Gawli or Dawood? What example are we setting for the youngsters who blindly ape our Bollywood celebrities?

Young impressionable minds, as it is are in the habit of picking up dialogues and actions from Bollywood celebrities. Such movies not only influence them negatively, but also lead them astray.

Making movies on real life characters is a good idea. However, rarely are these Gangsters portrayed as evil beings who love violence for no reason.

On the other hand, Bollywood has the habit of glorifying the lives of these gangsters by making their life seem desirable and happening, with beautifully shot songs and entertaining item numbers.

Arjun Rampal’s movie – Daddy – is all set to release in the theaters tomorrow (8th of September).
Arun Gawli was a dreaded gangster in the 90s. He was popularly known as Daddy and was a Hindu Don. He enjoyed the backing of several politicians, in spite of being a criminal with an unending spate of crimes.

Such was his might that he escaped the claws of justice for several years. His infamous hideout in Dagdi Chawl was his abode over a decade. Gawli was a criminal with a proven track record in murdering or abducting people in broad daylight.

On the other hand, Haseena Parkar’s role in the underworld of Mumbai is well-known. She played a pivotal role in taking over Dawood’s business and ordering a blatant attack on Gawli’s henchmen lodged at J.J Hospital.
The Bollywood movie based on Haseena’s life is set to release soon, with Shradha Kapoor playing the lead role.

Bollywood is hell bent on making these gang-lords appear as larger than life characters. Bollywood is known to portray these Mafia gangsters as anti-heroes with grey shades. They are shown dressed in cool clothes; drive the fanciest cars and romance in the time of war, on screen.

Moreover, they are shown mouthing cool, breezy dialogues which become an instant hit among the college-going crowd. The dialogues and songs of Shoot Out at Lokhandwala are still famous in spite of the film being almost a decade old.

Do we really need such dangerous heroes in our country? Are there no more good topics or inspirational leaders left to cover in Bollywood?

We would love to hear your views on the increasing influence of gangster movies on Bollywood and kids…


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