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Brazen, Brash & Bold – Ranveer Singh! The Fearless Icon of this Generation

  • Akshay Rane
  • June 18, 2019
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Ranveer Singh – A superstar in his own right…

From winning filmfare awards to hearts, he has done it all. His performances from Bajirao Mastani to Gully boy, have laughed their way into the banks and made their presence felt at award shows, with superlative comments from critics and audience alike.

In fact, there seems nothing that Ranveer Singh cannot do in front of the silver screen. He is today, Bollywood’s most bankable stars who can give even the  Khans troika a run for their money.

But besides his prolific performances, Ranveer Singh is more popular for his offscreen appearances and larger-than-life persona that is always talked about in the media circles.

We must admit Ranveer is quite easily the first Superstar that is more discussed for his dressing sense and his eccentric behaviour in front of the media than anything else. Be it his press conferences or promotional tours in which you would find him lunging into the crowd for absolutely no reason whatsoever, Ranveer Singh is totally unpredictable.

Unlike his contemporaries and peers, Ranveer comes across as a no-nonsense, down to earth, boy-next-door who is completely happy-go-lucky and loves enjoying life, no holds barred.

After all, can you imagine a superstar dancing on the streets of Mumbai just to complete a dare? Can you imagine a leading Bollywood star to beat box with gully rappers without pretence?

Ranveer Singh is unapologetic for his brazen behaviour. He is himself in front of his fans and media and he has hardly the air of a Bollywood mega star. This is precisely what makes Ranveer the most unique Bollywood star of our generation. What are your views on the eccentric superstar of our generation? Share your views in the comment section below.

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