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Brutal murder of little girl in Aligarh!

  • Gunjan Madaan
  • June 9, 2019
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Heart wrenches with pain and anger to hear about the brutal murder and mutilation of a child in Aligarh. The body of a three-year-old girl was found in a dumping ground in Tappal district, Aligarh – three days after she was reported missing by her family. The toddler was strangled to death by two men who had a dispute with her family over a loan of Rs.10,000.

The post-mortem report declares that the victim was ruthlessly beaten to death by repeatedly hit on the chest which led to a fracture in all the ribs, the left leg, and severe head injuries. The report adds that the right arm was whacked off from the shoulder and the body was consumed up by insects to such an extent that bones were detected at certain places.

The cops have arrested two of the accused, Zahid and Aslam, who have confessed to the sin. They both were her neighbours and lived about half a kilometre away. Initial investigations suggest that the purpose was vengeance, as the girl’s parents allegedly failed to repay a loan of Rs. 10,000. The Aligarh Police said that they will probe the murder under the National Security Act (NSA) and transfer the case to a fast track court.

 The NSA allows detention of a person to prevent him or her from acting in any manner prejudicial to the security of India, the relations of India with foreign countries. In this case, the NSA was invoked because of the nature of the case and the potential it has to disrupt and disturb law and order: Half the population in Tappal is Muslim, and the case could potentially take on communal overtones, as it did in the 2018 rape and murder of an eight-year-old in Kathua.

The happening has ignited outrage across the country, with several B-town celebrities and famous personalities expressing their rage and grief on social media.

Humans have become a bigger threat to our race than anything else. There are no words that can describe this inhuman, barbaric, and heinous deed. It is a gross crime against humanity as a whole. We need to ask what dies inside a human that he commits such a barbaric crime. Children, the most vulnerable sections of our society, become easy targets for enmity or revenge. It is a shameful reflection of how we as a society have gone wrong.

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