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Cabinet brings cheers for Armed forces; salary more than doubled

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • June 30, 2017
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Bringing cheers for India’s armed forces, the Union Cabinet has doubled their salary by adhering to the recommendations made by the 7th Pay Commission. The cabinet’s approval is set to benefit India’s Military personnel. Military Service Pay (MSP), which is a compensation for the various aspects of military service, will be admissible to the defence forces personnel only. The Military Service Pay will be payable to all ranks up to and inclusive of Brigadiers and their equivalents.

Siachen Glacier is the highest battleground in the globe, where Indian Army personnel are manned at an altitude of 21,000 feet from Mean Sea Level like Baana Post or Phalwan post. Serving the nation as a soldier is not an easy task especially when a soldier is serving at Siachen. The officers posted in Siachen will now get a monthly allowance of Rs 42500, which was earlier Rs 21000. The allowance which they used to receive earlier was 14000 per month. Now, they will be receiving Rs 30000 per month as allowance.

MSP for service officers more than doubled to Rs 15,500 per month from Rs 6,000 currently; for nursing officers to Rs 10,800 from Rs 4,200; for JCO/ORs to Rs 5,200 from Rs 2,000 and for non-combatants to Rs 3,600 from Rs 1,000. Short service commissioned officers will be allowed to exit the armed forces at any point in time between 7 to 10 years of service. The starting salary of a sepoy (the army’s entry rank) to has been more than doubled from Rs 8,460 currently to Rs 21,700 a month. The salary of a lieutenant general has been revised above Rs 2,00,000 per month.

In a bonanza for over 1 crore government employees and pensioners, the Cabinet approved implementation of the 7th Pay Commission, which had recommended an overall hike of 23.5 percent. No monetary allowances can equal the sacrifices made by the soldiers but these facilities will definitely make them believe that the government is truly concerned about them.

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