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So-called Protectors of Hindu Religion – Karni Sena – Exposed in Sting Operation!

  • Akshay Rane
  • September 26, 2017
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Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s new magnum opus’ poster was released online amidst much fanfare in the last week. Everyone went gaga over the grandiose depicted in the picture.

Within a few hours, the poster was the talk of the town and received much adulation. However, the celebrations did not last long as Karni Sena had to play spoil sport yet again.

The infamous Karni Sena was last in the news for physically assaulting film-maker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and destroying the sets of Padmavati movie. Now, the Karna Sena has gone a step further and threatened the release of the movie, after burning the posters of Padmavati.

Protectors of Hindu Sentiments or Extortion Racket?

The so-called protector of Hindu sentiments and culture has been exposed by a renowned news channel in a sting operation. In the sting operation, Karni Sena member Sukdev Singh Gogamedi  can be clearly seen demanding Rs.1 Crore for allowing the release of the film.

This has highlighted the underlying issue with hypocritical fringe groups such as the Karnia Sena. While they claim to be supporters of Hindu culture and religion, on the other hand, they indulge in bullying tactics and extortion rackets instead.

This sting operation has proved to be an eye-opener for those who blindly support such groups who resort to violence, in the name of religion.

This isn’t a new thing in our country. In the past, many movies have got in to trouble with religious outfits. Some of them were:


One of Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster movies PK had got in to trouble with right-wing outfits for depicting Hindu Gods in a funny way. This created an uncertain situation concerning the release of the movie.


Deepa Mehta’s Water movie too faced the wrath of Hindi showing the cruelty of widows in Benaras. The movie’s release was stalled in India.


Deepa Mehta’s movie – Fire – had also got in to trouble as it showcased lesbian relationships, which apparently are against Hindu culture.

Fatwas and More!

Fatwas too have been declared by Muslim clerics against films such as Muhammad & Lipstick under by Burkha for apparently speaking against Islamic culture. This caused grave issues to the producers prior to the release of their movies.

The recent Karni Sena extortion racket has compelled us to question our beliefs on these groups, if they really do care about culture and religion or are simply exploiting filmmakers for money.

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