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You can’t acquire peace through violence

  • Mrinalini Singh
  • January 4, 2018
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We had a hard frustrating start to the New Year 2018, with the Eastern side of the Mumbai city witnessing violence after the ‘Bhima Koregaon’ clash spilled over from the Pune city to Mumbai on Wednesday. Several areas in the city, like Sion, Bhandup, Chembur, Mulund were drastically affected, and the citizens of Mumbai were characteristically helpless and apathetic as they struggled to reach their respective destinations.

We had really hoped that the opening note of the year would be quite different. Now, it is time to take a turn towards organized and peaceful protest. It is really shocking that a precious life has been lost in Pune just because of these protests, all of this over the celebration of a combat that took place around 200 years ago. When will these annoyed protestors realize that violence only harms them, us? It is their, own infrastructure that is being damaged, and both protestors and the assembled public have lost their lives.

It is substantial to keep calm and voice dissent in smooth but effective ways. Resorting to pelting stones, damaging public properties and causing jams takes away the sympathy and empathy for the cause which they are shouting about. Morhcas, raasta rokos are quite effective ways of drawing an individual’s attention to a particular cause. But, when this degenerates into a massive riot, the things and focus changes.  At these, people will only remember that a poor man lost his life, or how many vehicles were burnt.

In any such case, destruction and violence can never be excused. Caution and discipline are more effective than extravagant violence and disruption. March the path of caution and maturity. Did you know that a ‘bandh’ is unconstitutional and violate of the fundamental right to life? If no, then please a note the same from now onwards.

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