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  • Sukanya Iyer
  • November 5, 2019
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As I Pen down to write this Article in an detailed manner, I am choking, Gasping for Breath mentally sitting far away in the maddening city of Mumbai, while sipping my favorite specially brewed South Indian Filter Coffee, which energizes & rejuvenates about a topic which is quite debated, which needs {policy regulation especially a legalized version Asap. Before I plunge myself into the details of India’s Capital city which is caught in the grip of Toxic Air every year the same time, with Establishment turning a blind eye, taking very less & effective measures, if at all an odd-Even scheme once a while which actually leads to Spike in Pollution Levels. Let me start with a quote:

The Cost of our Success is the exhaustion of Natural resources, leading to energy crisis, climate changes, Pollution, & the destruction of our habitat. If you exhaust Natural Resources, there will be nothing left for your children. If we continue in the same direction, humankind is headed for some frightful ordeals, if not Extinction.”

Let me now come to the subject matter of my Article, yes it’s about the Hazardous –Pollution in Delhi— A Chronic Problem

The Indian National Capital Delhi has been facing a serious Problem since many years, as I had spent most of my life, the reason for myself to shift out of Delhi was one & only Pollution, especially The Smog which made me & my family members to have Asthma attacks just the advent of Winter, otherwise I miss staying in world-class capital with State-of-Art Infrastructure, What is the use, when People are facing such Chronic conditions? This Year like Past so many years, a lot of smog which is manifold, than danger level, is disseminated all over Delhi. So, in order to understand the actual reasons & solutions of this chronic Problem, I have elaborated the Phenomenon in a detailed Manner—

Delhi (National Capital Territory of Delhi). Is a Union Territory which is fully administered by Central & State Governments? According to 2011 Census of India it accommodates nearly 167.5lk People. The Air Pollution has been a chronic Problem of Delhi. The Condition has deteriorated so badly that Government decided to shut down the schools because of the fear of respiratory diseases. The Delhi Government also announced a slew of measures, like banning construction activity & closing of the Badarpur Power Plant in 2017.

Air Pollution:  It’s a well-known fact that Air Pollution is a great Hazard for Health in the urban areas. The Air Pollution in Delhi has undergone through several control measures. There have been attempts to figure out the level of Pollutants & to reduce them. This Article provides an evidence-based study of the status of Air Pollution in Delhi, & its effects on health & control measures. Instituted by the Government. The World Health organization released the Data about the Urban Air in September 2011. This revealed that Delhi had crossed the Maximum PM10 limit by almost 10-times at 198/m3. Emissions from vehicle& Industrial Activities were found to be linked with outdoor as well as indoor Air Pollution in Delhi. Studies on Air Pollution & Mortality show that increased air Pollution enhanced natural mortality & morbidity rate in Delhi.

Air Pollution in Delhi is caused due to several reason, which is found in last few years which are listed below—The Air Pollution comprises of mix of Pollution which ranges from human activities like Vehicle emissions, industry, & residential fuel burning to natural sources like sea salt & dust. In winters cool air triggers inversions which this kind of meteorological conditions affect the heavy volume of Particulate matter. Delhi’s location falls in the way of Air flow Patterns from Afghanistan & Pakistan which carry emissions from both Urbanized & Rural areas of Punjab & Haryana. Dust storms which are seen in Pre-Monsoon period also cause air Pollution. Municipal solid waste generated in the NCR is about 10,000 tons/day. And much of this solid waste is burned which adds Particulate Pollution in the air. The Rapid Urbanization which is taking place in the NCR increases air Pollution through massive constructions, I am a witness to it myself, as I stay Put in NCR, Noida. A large Number of Vehicles play an important role to cause air Pollution in Delhi. According to the Department of Transport, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, there are around 9Mn+ registered vehicles which is set to increase more with the time.

Delhi: Thick Smog Blankets Parts of Delhi, Air quality Index, crosses severe level. There is no respite for Deities from the Hazardous air quality as the Delhi-NCR region was engulfed in a thick blanket of smog on Monday Morning. According to the Data Provided,  by system of Air quality & weather forecasting And Research (SAFAR), major pollutants PM2.5, & PM 10mwere docked at 500.bIn the Lodhi Road Area, Air Quality Index (PM2.5) was measured at 703, Delhi University’s level was at 695, while in Dhirpur, the Number was 676. Also in Gurugram, the AQI crossed the 800 mark. A layer of smog was seen at ITO, as AQI, remained at 43, as per Central Pollution control Board (CPCB) data. An AQI between 0-50 is considered to be good. 51-100- Satisfactory, 101-200- moderate, 201-300—very poor, 401-500—severe. Above 500 is severe plus, emergency category. The Public has been advised to avoid any outdoor physical activity & people with heart & ling diseases, older adults, & children are advised to remain indoors & avoid any exertion. The Delhi Government Led by Nautanki CM, who otherwise keeps tweeting & poking in other State’s affairs, suddenly woke up from deep slumber, just before months of Delhi Elections the Government of Delhi’s Odd-Even Scheme, has also commenced today. It is scheduled to conclude on November 14.This scheme is applicable from 8AM to 8PMIt will be effective on Sunday November 10.On last Sunday, Air Pollution in the NCR had escalated to hazardous visibility dropped significantly as a thick blanket of smog engulfed several parts of the city despite mild showers in the early morning.

Measures taken by the Central Government:

The Center has taken a move to provide real time data on Airing India’s bigger cities, in 2017. PM Modi launched the National Air quality Index. This will help pollution control agencies to take more…

Let me also give you some more facts on how a Law Monsanto was the reason for the Delhi Metropolitan region being blanketed in smoke every November. That Law, the Punjab Preservation of Sub Soil water Act of 2009, imposed a delay on farmers, who wanted to plant rice. The delay in planting in turn created a delay in Harvesting& clearing the Land. Farmers burned their crops to clear their field,& naturally a delay in the Process means that smoke will all the way Travel to Delhi, which was not so in the early decades. Instead of targeting Hindu festivals, like Diwali & banning fireworks during the festival period, the establishment & the courts need to fix the real reason of it. The reason for the smoke travelling to Delhi is a recent phenomenon that the direction of wind during the monsoon season blows primarily from the west into Delhi but changes in the 2nd half of October, & starts blowing from the North. When the Farmers burned their stubble, in September in earlier days, it didn’t affect much in Delhi, but started impacting Capital city after farmers were forced to accept the delay imposed on them, which was quite appalling & disgusting to see & hear it too. Dr. Hiren Jethva, an aerosol remote sensing scientist at NASA’s, Goddard Space flight center, sent out an image saying “Now I understand why Satellites detect more fires in November post-2009, over Punjab.”  Dr. Jehovah also added to the fact that the seasonal shift in peak crop fires had during 2006-09, as shown by the Satellite Data. What was then UPA led Regime headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh, was doing, just watching… Although Monsanto law became effective in 2009, I doubt that delay in setting fires which already began in previous year was a reflection of the upcoming law. The Seasonal shift Post-2009, continued in the wake of the Monsanto Law in conjunction with the increasing crop production, hence residue burning, making the air quality even worse during the last & 1st week of Oct & Nov”.  Why the Delhi Chief Minister Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, who keeps on tweeting like hypocrite put the blame on Diwali fire crackers as usual targeting the Hindu festivals which is very much insignificant, and also the very learned & Articulate CM of Punjab, Capt.Amarinder Singh, initially kept, now being questioned by Media had to speak up. The Festivals never resulted in the entire region being covered by smoke. The Courts today cam heavily on the States of Punjab, Haryana, UP asking their farmers to stop burning the stubble ASAP & levied a fine on the Farmers. SC ordered Delhi Government to produce by Friday, data or records to prove that #Odd Even scheme has reduced pollution Delhi, eve as Autos/ taxis continue to ply on the Roads. SC also ordered that no power cuts should take place in Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, UP, to ensure that no diesel generators are used. High Powered committee of states to meet & the Report to be submitted on November 6th.

PMO Reviews measures taken by states to combat Air Pollution in Delhi—

 The Principal Secretary to PM Mode PK Mishra on Monday conducted a review of the skew of measures taken by the States of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, & UP. Participated in the meeting. Mishra also sought the details, them regarding the measures taken in cases of fire & crop burning in last 24 hrs. Focusing on the need to pre-empt the situation, he stated that a mechanism for immediate action had to be created. Furthermore, he also appreciated the efforts of everyone in this aspect.

Chief Secretaries Brief Mishra—

He was personally monitoring the situation, with officers at the district level; the Chief Secretary of Punjab stated that hotspots have been identified.  FIRs were registered, but also fines were imposed, for the violation of the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981. On the other hand, Haryana’s chief Secretary of State, mentioned that their teams were working round the clock, to control the case of Air Pollution.CM Manohar La; Khattar,had directed the concerned officials, to reduce the cases of burning the crop.  According to Delhi, Water sprinkling has been intensified while dumping of garbage, in the open had been stopped in the NCR.

Odd-Even Oddity? Pollution is up on Saturday despite rationing—

The 2nd phase of the road-rationing scheme, faces the big test, the day two of the plan, are far from encouraging. Air Pollution not only spiked, across Delhi, on April16th, but was also three times bigger than it was before the launch of round 2 at some places. The Energy & Resources Institute Data, made available to HT, once again calls into question, the effectiveness of the radical measures in cleaning Delhi’s Air which is very much toxic in Nature. Ground Report shows that PM 2.5 is tiny particles that lodge deep in lungs & can cause respiratory & cardiac Problems. Most of the masks available in the market may not be able for going to the Market, which can’t block these particles that are result of combustion from vehicles, Power plants. Rich or Poor, Delhi Kids have the weakest Lungs. A comprehensive 2010 study found Road Dust—accounted for Delhi’s 31%, PM10, & 9%, PM2.5 Emissions.

Let me give you all the data:

Domestic (DOM)          7,300 (11%)         8,800 (7%)

Diesel Gensets (DG)     3,200 (5%)           4,300 (3%)

Brick Kilns BK                 9,250 (13%)         12,400 (9%)

Industries (IND)              9,000 (13%)         12,650 (9%)

Construction (CON)       2,450 (4%)           8,050 (6%)

Waste Burning (WB)      3,850 (6%)          5,450 (4%)

Road Dust (RD)                 6,300 (9%)         41,750 (31%)

50,000 Trucks enter every day to Delhi, Road Dust & waste Burning account for 30% of Delhi’s total particulate, emission which is unsolvable?

UP environment Minister also suggested slew of measures, Mr.Dara Singh Chauhan, emphasized on Planting Trees, as one of the prime measures to curb air pollution in the state. He also said the UP doesn’t need an odd-even scheme to fight the menace of Air-Pollution, as the government has taken several other initiatives including tree Plantation.

At the conclusion, I would also like to cite that there should be active participation in the community is essential in order to make a concrete effect in the reduction of Pollution. The use of Public Transport is must which needs to be promoted. The maximum utilization of Metro Train should be encouraged. The Frequency in checking of Pollution under Control Certificates needs to be undertaken by the Civic authorities. People are required to be educated to switch off their vehicles while waiting at Traffic Intersections. To create more job opportunities to control the ever influx of migrants to Delhi. Therefore every one of us should play an effective role in curbing Pollution to safeguard People’s health by controlling all those factors which affect it.

Jai Hind

Dr. S. Sukanya Iyer

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