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Why do we celebrate Labour Day? Here’s everything you need to know about this international event.

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  • April 30, 2018
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Would a building stand strong had labours not toiled hard to build it? Labourers are the foundation of the urban society we are so proud of. But how many times have we taken out a moment and truly appreciated these unsung heroes? International Labour Day celebrated on May, 1 every year is a day dedicated to these workers who spend their entire life relentlessly working to make a living.

The concept of celebrating International Labour Day also known as May Day and was celebrated to commemorate the 4th of May of 1886, the Haymarket affair (Haymarket Massacre) in the Chicago. It is the big event of that year when workers were on the general strike for their eight-hour workday and police were doing their job of dispersing the general public from the crowd. Suddenly, a bomb was thrown over the crowd by an unidentified person and then police started firing over the workers and four demonstrators were killed.

However, according to reports all the pistol flashes came from the center of the street, where the police were standing, and none from the crowd. Moreover, initial newspaper reports made no mention of firing by civilians.

It was decided to be celebrated on annual basis as an May Day in the meeting (in 1889) of Paris through a proposal by the Raymond Lavigne that international demonstrations is required to celebrate the anniversary of Chicago protests. In the year 1891, May Day was officially recognized as an annual event.

In India:

Labour Day is a holiday in India and is also celebrated in many states. India celebrates Labour Day by different names. In Hindi, it is called Kamgar Din. In Marathi, it is called Kamgar Din, and Uzhaipalar Dhinam in Tamil.

This is also the day when Maharashtra and Gujarat attained statehood in 1960 once the old Bombay State was divided on the basis of language. Hence, the May Day is celebrated as the Maharashtra Diwas and Gujarat Diwas in the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat respectively.

People enjoy celebrating the May Day or Labour Day by arranging the big party and lots of programmes. They decorate the banners and flags using colours just like an Independence Day celebration. After all these labourers are no less than freedom fighters striving hard to get liberation from the tyranny of some harsh employers. They surely deserve a special day dedicated to them as this is their independence day from a hard life.


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